Third World War Ramble

Well I was going to wait a bit until I played a second time and finished another campaign… but it post on You Tube so lets get it out there.
I DIG this game. First title in a long time I have really enjoyed so significantly.

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3 thoughts on “Third World War Ramble

  1. A cracking review Kev – thanks for sharing . A few quick comments;

    1 absolutely on the nail with the air war analysis. It’s fundamental . The WP central front dilemna is really interesting – Do I go all out on air superiority and ground attack missions, or do I start with heavy deep strike and runway cratering , backed up by logistics interdiction . One of the great questions posed by the system. If WP is to make headway on ground attack missions, due to superior nato air strength , concentration on 1/2 key breakthrough areas is key.

    2 the roll in roll out approach for disruption recovery of units and the utilisation of brigades for steps for NATO is also critical game play strategy.

    3 some of the non central front strategy Options eg in Persian Gulf and Southern Front are very interesting and important for victory points. It’s very easy to Get fixated on the Central Front and WP players should take time to give the other fronts adequate consideration

    4 would be great to see a follow up vlog or thought leadership piece on alternative strategies for the central front and other fronts. An idea perhaps for future publication .

    Love the game , love the system , love the opposition play and loved the banter with all comers (especially our Canadian brothers). the game and system lends itself to that .

    Finally great idea re an update and refresh, especially what ifs if the current tensions around Ukraine escalate further.

    Can’t wait to give it another serious workout at GameOn2016!

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