Third World War Progress Turn 2

Soviet Impulse One. Turn 2

Massive air fights, and the NATO player takes a gamble on airfield strikes and OOS interdictions. It does very little.

The Soviet player rolls 80% 5-6’s for their air strikes and ground missions in the early part of Turn 2. NATO loses rare aircraft to pre emptive ground strikes, aborting more than they hit.

Warsaw Pact forces launch an offensive into Austria and Jugoslavia, looking to stretch the NATO player and test his will to live.


Top right Southern Europe – Austria and Jugo, Bottom Right Balkans


6 Soviet Divisions go airborne. 3 are aborted but one lands in Trieste Italy and in Kiel.

In the South the rubble and smoke clear from the bombing of Istanbul and forces grimly hold on.

The only bright spark is the Persian Gulf. The area is now secured, and US force press into South Western Air territory and bomb Tehran proper.  Soviets abandon the mountain range and hunker in Estafan.

4 thoughts on “Third World War Progress Turn 2

  1. Following with interest! Plan on setting up/soloing through the whole TWW series right after I finish up the Unconditional Surrender campaign…

    Do you think TWW could be practical as a Vassal PBEM game?

  2. First off thanks for reading! In regards to PBEM there would be a lot file swaps in the air phase and I imagine in combat (electing to add air, attempts to intercept prior etc. Other wise yes. The combined modules on VASSAL are horribly unwieldy, with 3 map windows plus one for each air zone too. Not fun live but it could be more manageble if each side moves off line then you do combat etc.

    • “…each side moves off line then you do combat etc”

      That sounds like a great ways to possibly manage it, each side makes moves, then set a date for “smash smashy”

      Didn’t catch it – are you using the option to have Nukes? Would be interesting to see how the game degenerates… As long as the Russkies don’t have a “doomsday machine”, of course! ;P

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