Third World War on Vassal Game Plan Session 2

Game plan for Operation Swift Hammer :

The fundamental premise of the Soviet attack after 3 failed solo attempts in the Battle For Germany is a laser focus on one thing. The accumulation of VP’s. The Pact starts with 92 points. and requires 55 more for a marginal win or 85 for a substantial win. Invaded neutral cities do not count nor do ports or airfields but oil wells of neutrals do.

Based on previous assessments which I wrote about here, then cranked a vid out here, you can see that the minimums required to obtain a marginal victory are not high, but the acquisition of those points is expensive. The Soviets have precious few resources that unfortunately recover slower than the enemy [proficiency ratings decline with combat results and are recouped via in activeness for periods of time].

Thus our strategy is going to require that we make the NATO forces spread out such that they cannot cover all the bases, and bring those massive US divisions to bear.

In order to do that we need to look at how we can mask our intention and identify where we can obtain bang for buck VP’s, while forcing the US/NATO to spend time ferrying and air dropping support.

Four locations have a lot of VP’s:

1. Early capture of the Turkish straits for 14 VP minus the Turn #.

2. Saudi Arabia & Kuwait

3. Iraq & Kuwait. In our game Iraq is neutral so taking it on has to be done at the right time it at all.

The final area is secret.

4. Italy. It is hard to reinforce for NATO, and difficult to defend with many major cities (about 35-18 VPs total up for grabs).

What about Iran I hear you say? In reality Iran VP acquisition is only possible if we thin the US involvement and pressing the fight in the Persian Gulf, means facing the full wrath of the US air located there. Which brings up an interesting issues for any activities being considered in the Gulf airspace. IF paras or air mobile forces make it to the  Gulf area of say Saudi Arabia, we may not be able to get out!!

The Battle for Germany:

Above are the attack I hope to make.  The Blue markers are where we intend to do ground support attacks. I tell you now, I bugger up and attack the lone German div in the open, and my advance is attacked by my own air. Inflicting a lot of self hits…DUMB!

But we also took a chance and spread the attacks and added one more attack to hit the British 2nd Armour. It is softened up by ground strikes. and our attack plan is modified to knock that awesome unit OUT of the game!

I toyed with idea of landing Airborne deep, but its just not worth it, with NATO Air Superiority in the North. So we await a turn where we have more freedom. Yeah.. I know it wont come. The Soviets have to rotate forces in and out per Pact segment, and they must work towards isolation where possible to gain efficiency bonus’s too.

The Battle for the Straits

Taking the straits will be hard but we must try and secure this area rapidly, as well as keep the Greeks out of the fray. In our 2nd Pact Phase we must successfully land an air mobile unit in one of the ports to block naval reinforcement, Probably D1110 below. That will allow us to then keep moving on the Turks without interference from NATO, unless they airlift to towns outside of Istanbul & Uskudar.

In the Straits we need to carpet bomb the Turks, and then land Marines and Airborne into the Eastern Peninsula. The Eastern yellow is a preferred landing location for some Marines to cut off reinforcement.

Battle for Italy

Before we can take Italy on, we must secure our flanks by neutering the Yugos. Thus we focus on the North then sweep South, letting the Italians think we are ‘ignoring them’. I expect the Italians to keep a solid force in the North but risk the south of Italy as they cannot cover it all.

Later in Turn two or three we will need to drop air into Italy (minor units) and then carve a supply route if the Turkish gambit fails.

These attacks will all go well at about 8:1 on average. This should place some pressure on the Italians, who will need to decide whether to support the hapless Jugos or reinforce the Straits. Putting force displacement pressure on the NATO command

Battle for the Gulf

Taking out Iraq gains us little and can be problematic, by opening a 2nd front in Iran against ourselves. So I may have by this far in the assessment removed it as an option. However, a para drop and quick capture of a airfield /port in Saudi Arabia, might allow for us to quickly reinforce the location and spread the US even thinner along with the threat of picking up 20 potential VPs. Kuwait invasion would be a natural from there on also.  If there is no top cover then the Pact force might be able to drop enough force on turn 1 to capture a airfield, hold on and reinforce.


In the Gulf we will attack deeply into Northern Turkey and do our best to savage those guys.

EDIT Update Nov 2015.

After much delay we are back on track …almost. Now in the midst of Turn 2 of the full war. Reports to follow.


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