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This WWIII kick with Frank Chadwicks gem had me cycling back to some PC games. While I was chatting with Steve Overton about Red Storm Flashpoint Campaigns from On Target Simulations he directed me to the Add ons section of their site:

Check this out:



A custom map of Berlin. Which led me to pulling up:


Remember these counters?

berlin 85


How sweet would it be to replicate the Berlin ’85 experience on the above map, feeding from this game? The un sung value of this title is the ability to build custom scenarios, maps and even counters. SWEET!!!!

Ideas for a Red Storm: Flashpoint Campaign scenario.

Ideas for a Red Storm: Flashpoint Campaign scenario.

2 thoughts on “Third World War Gaming

  1. G’day mate, I was just browsing your site and just noticed this article. I’m the actual creator of the map above, it is supposed to be the basis for a scenario or campaign about the battle for West Berlin which focuses on the British Berlin Brigade. I was hip deep in creating the oobs and units for the battle when I was asked to help out with another game, so it’s currently on hiatus until that commitment is finished.

    I’m seriously considering extending the map at least 1-2km north and east to allow the expected combat for the airports to breathe more and possibly south as well to allow the US Berlin Brigade a bit more room to move. I hope to get this done next year.


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