Thinking of buying Heroes of the Pacific, READ THIS FIRST!!!


Winners of Lock ‘n Load Publishing coupons for X Maps when they order Heroes of Pacific are:
Dave Desmond, John Reccine, Mike Martin and Dave Maupin. The winner of Alpha Pack and X Maps is Matt Bugbee.
If you guys are on facebook drop me a PM or email , and we will arrange coupon codes for you.
Thanks for participating

Lock n Load finally did it its HERE . That link takes you to the product description for Heroes of the Pacific. If you were planning on buying then go ahead…BUT.

If you wait and read this full post as well as post an answer to a question you will go into the draw to win one of 4 free $20 upgrade add on of the Xmaps as mentioned and show in this video .

Big deal I hear you say…ok. There is more..and better than a set of Ginzu knives!

One person will receive the XMaps AND Battle pack Alpha which has 14 scenarios and 5 new maps. so 5 Xmap upgrades and one Alpha Battle pack! Drawing 4th of September.

2015-08-27 13.13.29

  • read the post. post a comment here about the AAR for Lone Tree Hill. You need to answer the question:
  • Bam you are in the draw for a copy of the X Maps and Battle pack Alpha…How easy is that? [1 entry each]
  • If you win you will receive a coupon code to go with your order.

ok.. onto the AAR, see the posts on the blog.

20 thoughts on “Thinking of buying Heroes of the Pacific, READ THIS FIRST!!!

  1. Bravo!!! Lt. Snake and Lt. Kusanagi. The first one has a cool name and the japanese probably is the grandfather of Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell).

    By the way the new counters ara a beauty.

  2. Thanks for the great in-box review! Nicely done game components. Two of the leaders in the Lone Tree Hill scenario are Lieutenants Snake (USA) and Kusanagi (IJA)

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