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We may as well obtain some value from all the fun and nonsense on BGG…

nonsenseYes things beginning with R. Reluctant Enemies an Operational Combat Series Title, begins with an R and might be just the Right way to Recognize ….ok, I’ll stop. It just might be your ticket to Ride…haha. Sorry.

This is the one you want if you are space challenged, table size restricted, unable to invest 40+ hours or have a phobia about more than 300 counters on a map! This is the game you need if you have ever wondered what all the fuss is about. For just 10% of the price of one copy of Case Blue you can own Reluctant Enemies ($39.00)…ok well nearly 10%.

Case Blue

If you have ever wondered what all the fuss is about this thing called the OCS system. Then now is your chance to experience maneuver warfare, discover the benefits and thrills of logistics (trust me, I never thought I would say that) and experience the OCS model of WWII combat in a single map, single counter sheet format!

Operation Exporter was a battle for the control of Syria and the Allied offensive was aimed at preventing Nazi Germany from using the Vichy French-controlled Mandate of Syria and Mandate of Lebanon as springboards for attacks on the Allied stronghold of Egypt, as the Allies fought a campaign against Axis forces further west in North Africa. Although the French had ceded autonomy to Syria in September 1936, they had retained treaty rights to maintain armed forces and two airfields in the territory. From 1 April, after a coup d’état, Iraq was controlled by pro-German rebel forces under Rashid Ali, causing eventually the outbreak of Anglo-Iraqi War and the subsequent British victory and control over neighbouring Iraq.

The campaign ran from the 8th of June until July 12th in 1941. Just a month of game time! This dovetails nicely into the action that began in September 1940 in DAK 2! While your Allied forces and fellow brothers in arms from the 18th Brigade of the 7th Australian Division are at the Siege of Tobruk, you are fighting for control of Beirut along with Free French and the 10th Indian Division! fighting those dastardly Vichy French!

3-7-2013 9-44-40 PM

34,000 allied soldiers (Mostly Australian I might add) fought 45,000 Vichy French along with 90 odd tanks. By the end of the campaign, the losses were in excess of 10% of at start forces for each side.

3-7-2013 9-45-55 PM


One of the key strengths of a good OCS title is the ability to destroy your enemy without fighting. Taking on larger forces, when you are less capable but more nimble, or perhaps are able to focus your efforts in key points to cut off the the enemy is one of the great satisfactions of the OCS way.

From Haifa to Baalbek the terrain is stunning and diverse.

Deserts, rail lines, highways. As well as woods, hills, and rough terrain.

This type of terrain mixing provides a wealth of tactical choices for offence and defence.

So, if The Blitzkrieg Legend was too big at 2 and a 1/2 maps and 700 counters, or you can’t find a reasonably priced copy of Tunisia or Forgotten War Korea then maybe this bad boy is for you. One map and about 60 counters at a time on the map it is more than manageable!

This is also an ideal time to invest in learning how naval bombardments work, and to brush up or learn just how valuable air power can be when used effectively in OCS.  This is one aspect of the OCS game that I have not mastered nor am able to use well. In fact I think games like this will help create a new breed of OCS players, that will bring new techniques, and new ideas to the game system! I can’t wait to see some fresh faces and exciting AARS!

Unfortunately MMP have elected to place a very high bar of 640 orders for this to go to print…. This means we need your pre order today! If we want to play this in 2013 or 2014 lets get her done! Lets not quibble the process, lets Ram it home, already the count is up to 236 in just 4 days!

The above link takes you to the order page, for more information. Also check out the folder on BGG:


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  1. I’m an experienced OCS player and am really looking forward to this, not only as a way to introduce new players to the system, but it looks like it will be a fun game.

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