Thin Tan Line

Back at this one. Post patch… a bit of a bummer.

The British use EW and heavy Arty on my HQ from the get go! How rude. But I am forging too far ahead. Let’s see what the mission is and what we might be up against.

Playing opposed. Our mission is detailed:

Note weather. This impacts smoke, air ops and maneuver.

The Allies get a swag bag of goodies as you can see below. The games vs ai play very differently and set up differently from opposed games.

So the opponents can’t use the solo games as guides. But it does give us indications per your normal intel channel what to expect:

The initial forces will either make a bee line for the town OR spread out and spot for arty to determine the route of advance of my forces. Finding them and blocking or destroying them quickly is key. We want to disrupt their plan, disable units and cause a level of indecisiveness that allows us to get inside their decision loops.

Assuming that intel is correct then we want to not only capture the town but delay / destroy the enemies reinforcements. There is a small force scattered about per the above shaded area. The Gold lines represent likely reinforcement locations.

The majority of Soviet/East German units are situated NE of the town of Schwandorf and the Airfield.

The Bridge North of Rensenbach should be mined to slow entry of UK forces. We need to time allocations or decide on other mining spots.

Do we slow down the UK by mining likely reinforcement approaches or mine other areas later to allow the Soviets to hold the VP locations? Above there is a red circle near a promontory. This is bridgeable. IF I can move units this way mostly undetected we will cross in force there and attack from the South.

Using smoke up north to hint at an attack as a diversion, and Helo units to keep spotters at bay in the South, I hope to wind my way slowly to the Remsen Promontory and bridge, cross and attack from that direction!

My Roster of troops:

Our forces appear to be fairly evenly matched, which means I am likely outgunned in the MBT department but possibly with an Arty and raw infantry a slight edge.

The key areas to get to are inside the yellow box, below Objective GOLD. We need to clear out as much as possible as quickly as possible and then dig in and hold on! Control is going to require hexes nearby to be cleared out also.

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