There are no Innocents: WaW by Red River Gamers

Editors note.

This particular TUS scenario is tight playing and early choices will impact your success. Let us see what happened this time:

Red River Gamers playing Scenario 4: there are no innocents – a frustrated Polish Commander realizes he can’t get to his objectives with poor morale!

After going over the new rules introducing Conditional Morale; my colleague & I drew counters to see which side to we were going to play…he drew the West Germans while I drew the Poles.

So here’s our After Action Report…

Turn 1-4: The Pincer; The Polish Commander splits the 2nd Legion & 17th Greater Polish on either side of the map board for a two-prong attack; meanwhile the W.German Kampfegruppe Koch take up defensive positions in and around the town of Wedelheine.

Turn 5-6: Road Trip; as the Polish forces advanced along their routing, they are continually harassed by W.German Airstrikes and indirect fire. The first airstrike attacks the 2nd’s HQ stack and disrupts both T-55AM platoons. One manages to rally, and moves with the formation. However, one gets left behind…time waits for no man!

Turn 8-9: River Crossing; when the 2nd Legion reaches the river, they deploy the MTU-54 Bridge layer unit and spend the next several turns crossing. Meanwhile the 17th continues their march and get hit by an Airstrike causing disruption & delay to fix units.

Polish Airstrikes only cause disruption among the W.Germans, but they rally in good fashion since their morale is good and they get a Leader during a Chaos marker pull!

Turn 10-13: Striking Distance; now the Polish forces are within direct fire range of the W.German’s mortars & the infantry support weapon – Milan. The Mortars cause further disruptions among the Polish forces while the Milan takes out a T-55AM platoon.

The Poles get a lucky break. During a Chaos roll, a Kampfegruppe Koch infantry unit, that deployed their Milan & has a Leader, gets confused and moves out of its defensive position in the town of Brunsbüttel.

Then comes a Polish Airstrike catching the unit in the clear and turns it into a Hallowed Ground hex.

The Polish 17th gets caught in cultivated fields by another W.German Airstrike delaying their advance and taking out their Shilka platoon.

The Poles engage! As the 17th enters their first town, Allenbüttel, they are attacked by the Territorialheer unit. However, the Poles are strong enough to push the Germans out of town and thus winning control. However, this move will cost the Poles time and waist resources securing their positions.

The Poles begin to use their HE Fire Missions, but do little good. Another Chaos causes the Kampfegruppe Koch PzMsr unit to fall back giving the Poles a breather from HE harassment.

A Polish Smoke Fire Mission is called in and strikes planned target giving the Poles a chance to cross clear terrain without being shot at.

Turn 14: The Race is over! The Poles realize there is no way to dislodge the stubborn Kampfegruppe Koch from holding the high ground which is preventing their advance, calls an end to fighting. They leave in their wake shattered wrecks, disrupted units, and those out of command strewn across the battlefield. The Polish plan to avoid towns and any W.German surprises awaiting them there, cost the Poles time. Time which they thought they have plenty of!

In the end it turned out to be a W.German victory…

The Casualties…

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