The Supreme Commander

New Vassal Module went up the 26th of May.

Steve Arthur Atraxrobustus on BGG wants to play this once we grind thru 4 more turns of Iron Tide. However I do not own it!


I do not own the game, but Steve does. so I shall have to read the rules in digital format. That is problematic for Mr. Old School here.

While I like to store everything as a backup digitally (some of you have access to my Google Drive), I also really like to man handle the rules (usually a print out) until I am comfortable with them.

You may know I become fussy about marking up my original rules and these days the bastards are never the ‘final rules’ in any case, that is the case here with a heavily revised V2 for good reason I might add poor bastard of a designer was shipped the ‘stan to fight the good fight. However after printing a second Unconditional Surrender, the Dark Valley, Line of Battle and La Batt rules I have rammed thru nearly $100 in ink. WTF!!

So we may as well keep the rules in good shape for future sale as flawed logic dictates original rules unmarked are worth more than original rules marked up even if they are obsolete.. Go figure.

I keep my subsequently heavily man handled print outs on file in case I ever play again in some future time and place.

Even then I nearly always refer to the rule book first rather than the tablet. It is just faster. Is it not?

So its going to be a change and I have just 2 weeks to prepare in among all the other riff raff I am messing with.

Sheesh 39 pages. This will curtail starting on Unconditional Surrender. So Steve has agreed after I play 1 (one) scenario with him of TSC we will then play US! and compare and contrast.

rules_tsc numpages6-3-2014 10-43-28 PM


So I am going to try something different.

I am going to try and learn this game 100% digitally. I will be forced to study the map that way, play that way so why not make an effort to use ONLY the tablet to read all the rules, annotate and maybe make a few notes on paper and my only concession to non digitas.



The Vassal mod is straight forward, lots of tables provided in handy dandy format. All looks bewildering but hey how hard cna this ETO stuff be?

Oh did I mention I have never really played an ETO title before? Nope. I dabbled with 3R. Thats it. Lots of piddle 1-4, 1-5 Corps or armies here we will see how it all pans out.TSCtables

Hey!! At least say something! ;)