The Supreme Commander : July August 40

Allied Turn 8

The FR build 2 1 Belgian and 1 FR corp.

The Brits move Yugoslavia one more towards alliance on the diplomacy track.


The FR peel units from the Maginot line. The Brits pile up deep in Brussels.

The Eastern Front develops some depth with more units being brought forward.


Start Turn 9 Axis.

German purchases:

Armoured Corp in Vienna purchased.

2 Inf corps for 70 MSU also placed in Vienna. This guys will likely support any defensive efforts.

The Germans execute Dip with Diplomacy. RO enters the board!

The Germans focus on the Antwerp hex.

With 11 factors. The neat thing for the Axis is that an army is greater than the sum of its parts. As opposed to any other Army sized force in the Early war for the allies.

This will be a +6 attack subject to air etc.

They also attack the 1-4 in Luxembourg. The Fr survives the first round of Air. In the 2nd round the FR net out. 10v2 =+8 Atk +2 on the die, eliminating the sole French Corps.

The Antwerp attack is 11+3 =14, plus Mil Bonus still plus 7 on the combat results but with a -2, for air as we abort a German. We get lucky and earn a 1/1 result.

Follow up attacks occur. Antwerp defends at 8. For a +5 attack, rolls a 2 and the Axis losses a step. Antwerp holds for a turn! I was really expecting a shellacking here.

In Rumania the Rom forces move into the Bessarabian Basin.

The 16th Army of Germany move to the Mtns South of Vienna as does Hungarian forces and 10th Pzr Corp, we can expect fighting when the Yugos come online.

Allied Turn

The Italians move 5 Corps to Metz!

Antwerp is reinforced with rebuilds. The BEF is formed. In a line stretching from Antwerp to just NW of the Maginot @ Metz the Allied forces of France,Italy, Belgium and the British Empire stand shoulder to shoulder.

On the East front the Soviet build an HQ. They re arrange deck chairs to be ready to attack Romania or into Poland. They await the order to strike, knowing it is premature to get into a shooting war so early in the game.

If Yugoslavia joins the war effort next turn we can expect 10 more combat factors on the board in the Aug-Sept turn. This would allow a true Southern front. With the potential to press on the Hungarians and take away MSP and knock them out of the war.

I’m going to need to re read the supply rules!




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