The Supreme Commander (Extra notes on May June)May-Jul ‘40


The start of May June 1940 and the French brace themselves for the inevitable German onslaught.

Both sides will conduct interesting diplomacy I think this turn.

The intent is for the Allies to now focus upon Yugoslavia aggressively, driving to A2 then A3 as quickly as possible.

The Germans buy a tank Corp!….another one! Placing it in Essen.

Axis goes for Romania spending 30 pts to subtract 3 from the die roll. Needing just a 2 or less. Success.

They move to G2. DOW on Belgium.

Here it comes:

The Belgians and Netherlands forces man the defenses. The hordes attack!

The Germans line up 1Ne and 1st Be with 10 +1+1flank+1 air

2 for +2 for marsh. Ends up a ½ result. The 1NE retreats the Rotterdam.

Belgians are attacked with 15 v 5 max col +2 Rolling a 9 he eliminates the Belgians

10+1flank+1 tech net +6 1 step loss each.


2x Inf Russia

2x inf Fr and 1 for the British

June July 1940

Axis Purchase: 2 Armoured Corps.

Axis Diplomacy: Romanians move to G3.

This turn Germany attacks Rotterdam, just east of Belgium and the forces East of Brussels also come under direct attack.

The French knock 1 unit to abort.

+7 attack rolls a two. 1/1 result

The attack East of Brussel yields another 1/1 result.

VII Pzr and 4th Army smash thru the French. And enter the outskirt of Brussels.

1/4 result, this forces a big retreat and eliminates 2 Corps worth of French forces.


The follow up Atks:

IIPzr attacks Rotterdam which falls adding 20 MSU to the Axis and the 1Be is attacked, by 1& IIIP and it evaporates. The Belgian power does not however fall as Antwerp still stands!









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