The Sting…not so much.

Board Gaming fun from LocknLoad Publishing and their WaW Series about the outbreak of WWIII.

The end situation

Tanks brewed up. Squads were over run.

Soviets were caught in the open.
Delta lost units,
Turns 7,8 and 9 got nasty.
Bravo lost a company of men.

Both Anhasuen and Falbach were close to falling.

The dual activation of NATO…shit lets call them what they are American forces was devastating. The US command and control is so exemplary that they out shot, our maneuverer and out gunned the Soviets into the dirt.

Once thing you can best however is 3 turn chits.

Turns 1-3 went too fast for either side to do much, despite pulling the turn markers for formations.
Turns 4,5,6 were marred by bad rolling on both sides and a Russian side realising it was in the wrong place and had chosen tactically poorly.

By turn 9 there were still units in both cities and Bravo was weakened and closest could do little. Delta tried to rush to support at the cost of two companies of tanks. there would be no city captured in the time limit.

The Soviets hunkered down and waited to be close assaulted in both locations.

Russian Victory.

2 thoughts on “The Sting…not so much.

  1. so you think the attack faltered because of poor die rolling or because the US battalion lacked sufficent punch?

    • Really it was a function of time. More than anything else. Good question. The rolls were “ok” just. They dont need to be great, the Yanks crush the older soviet tanks. They lacked the time to get the job done with too many turns ending too quickly. This is one sceanrio where solo its kinda big. Especially if I am going to do sop motion or film it. The fun gets sucked out and the speed of play dwindles rapidly. Thats just a function of size not anything else, and a personal preference to be able to play a game, film it etc in 2 hours. This one took nearly 4 hours with pictures and stuff. I have TCS to suck my life away on bigger Grand Tac games.

      I’m thinking of doing hte series of small scenarios and alternates from LoF 9, and putting them all together for comparison.

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