3 thoughts on “The PC & Multi media Device V The Board Game

  1. Most of my wargaming for many years was on the PC. Like others have indicated, I have a hard time reading so much on a screen now, especially since I spend all day working in front of a screen. It’s refreshing to come home and look over a table instead of at another screen. I also find I can’t get as satisfying an overview of a strategic or tactical situation from a screen – you either have to zoom out too far, or you have to view the map a section at a time. It feels frustrating and constraining to me. With a map on a table, I can see the whole thing.

  2. This is a fascinating topic. I think of Lock n’ Load board games versus LnL: Heroes of Stalingrad as a case in point. I do enjoy the latter, but I’m simply not as invested in the action or narrative as with the former. This also stands for other PC games I dabble in–Steel Panthers, Combat Mission and Squad Battles.

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