The Pantheon of Greek and Roman Gods

While in Rome at their Pantheon:


We of course read a little about its history and this got me to thinking about the adoption of the Greek Gods by Roman Civilisation at the time.

This edifice is AMAZING. Breathtaking in its scale for the time and stunning it is survival over time. Clever architecture, was a hall mark of the innovative Romans.

2013-11-27 10.58.15

This lead me to think about the genesis of the Greek Gods. The pantheon of Greek gods is a sad tale of interwoven relationships is it not !!! Look at that Family tree.

Key: The essential Olympians‘ names are given in bold font.

Key: The names marked in green are that of the 12 original Titans.

Now who can tell me more about the Roman version. Who zoomed whom? Who did that “begatting”//;)

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