The Next War – Live Stream Link and Supply

After the stream last nite I dug into Supply. [recorded a few nites ago, this is not the ill fated Scenario discussion nor the forces and capabilities sideways camera discussion…

This is likely the lynch pin issue for both sides. –
Can NATO disrupt supply enough to thwart the advance?
Can WP keep the Bullets and Butter train running?


Given the late 70’s slant of the game I’ll be adopting some of Fabio’s excellent revisions to rules based on his nearly dozen plays.
– that save a boat load of time.

This game will play very differently from Third World War, CFS etc. I need to divorce my perceptions from those games as to ‘how’ a hypothetical conflict might turn out, and also block the notions written in so many novels also.


oh.. And WTH is up with the Major Minor Rivers.. really hard to see which is which on some parts of the map!

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