The New Way to protect your counters!

Its back in force people.

Hear me out.

The Crazy is about to happen.

A few decades ago covering maps with sticky bonding plastic was all the rage.

EVERY ONE was doing it. Especially those whacky  SPI players.

Well a certain gentlemen took it all the way to 11 my friends.

As I prepare to play FIFTH Corps combined with HOF Gap and


oh…No not that Hoff! …BAOR, I took a moment to inspect my perfectly wrapped maps.

2014-05-09 19.33.37

Hmm… but what of the counters.


He did not do that.

How? Who… who would do this?


2014-05-09 19.19.28

Oh the humanity.


2 thoughts on “The New Way to protect your counters!

  1. heh, I remember spraying all my Squad Leader through GI:AoV counters before cutting them with clear spray. Worked wonders until you cut the counters before they were fully dry and they stuck together!

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