The Greatest Day goes on Pre Order $198…

From MMP:

The Greatest Day: Sword, Juno, and Gold Beaches

Now Available for Pre-Order

The Greatest Day: Sword, Juno, and Gold Beaches is now available for pre-order and we couldn’t be more happy. This is the most complete and tested package ever put together by designer Adam Starkweather. With 8 years of play experience in GTS, he has updated the rules to offer you GTS 2.0. The new rules feature a streamlined assault sub-sequence, new independent assets and artillery sub-routine, and the finest researched and most extensively playtested package he has ever put together. Some of the best help that could be asked for assisted on this project and we hope you all agree when you see the final package – it is a masterpiece.

With 18 scenarios, half of which are played on one map or less, there is plenty of game here for your money whether you are wanting something fast and furious or a fully immersive experience, there is something for every type of gamer.

The learning scenario is played on a small 8.5 by 11 map and teaches you the basic mechanics of the system. The introductory ones are all on one map or less and give you 1-5 hours of play. Stepping up to the intermediate scenarios, you get one map scenarios that cover one to a few days of the action, and lastly of course is the full monty – the campaign games.

To find out more, please visit the pre-order page on our website, the GTS WWII series folder and look for the Greatest Day discussion, or visit Adam on Facebook at ”

Folks – $264 retail. Something tells me this will be a one shot print run.

This seems to me to be an extraordinarily high price. Yes.. Yes I understand lots of maps lots of bits. Got it. But to play Adams dream out of all the beaches? Will that be $1,000 retail?

Did I pre Order? Damn straight I did. I’ve seen the game up close and I am impressed, tho I think one or two of the scenarios should be tweaked.

4 thoughts on “The Greatest Day goes on Pre Order $198…

  1. The price is high. The bitching will be fierce. But titles like this are the big game of the wargaming savannah. People will pay to mount this beast on their wall.

  2. Same here. Wonder how big the print run will be. Do they really expect to sell a lot of them? Think they will be collector items only.
    And are collectors willing to play this expensive baby?

  3. Pricing strategy is really flawed, they should have split this up like TDC/WED, to lessen one time wallet shock.

    They really have to balance this Quality versus pricing thing…honestly if they had this printed overseas like what GMT has been doing I suspect the pricing would be about half and therefore would be able to get this out to a lot more gamers…

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