The Final Gamble Turn 1

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13-15th of March

The Viet Minh open with several barrages, Causing total available trucks for picking up ammo to drop by 1. Barrages are laid on and around Beatrice and Gabrielle.

Plus other locations on the map Epervier, Isabelle and HQ2. The majority of units end up shaken. A total of 4 step losses taken including 2 arty. The map is awash in black shaken counters.

The VM go ahead and declare their initial assaults. Electing for a bold set of assault on the two Strongpoints Beatrice and Gabrielle.

Commandos hit the wire.

VM forces move up!

Now the French spend precious recourses to apply final defensive fire on assault hexes and also barrage supporting hexes in an effort to weaken them (not a smart idea, as it does little other than forcing the use of a replacement point by the VM.



The French use 13 Ammo and have fair to middling success.

The deafen barrages for two aborts at Gabrielle and a hesitant attack.

Not as fortunate at Beatrice the VM earn a Surprise attack and kill a step. I t is now time for the French to fly in fresh medical supplies, food and bullets as well as Ammo for the Arty.

By rolling a ONE all victuals and support elements are secured. Otherwise we roll for aborts on a 2d6 cross referenced table. You never know what is going to arrive safely.

Over time as truck points dwindle then maximums set in for actual arty ammo allowed. Choices choices.

With Force isolated on turn 2 the French cannot..nay won’t abandon his men. So a relief is organized. The Thais force will move up and open the line of communication and allow extract.

The problem is the French commander casillates and elects to LEAVE some French there, now that they are back in LOC.

VM drop a morale point on the track for their Divisions.

Turn 2…..thru 7 will be image carousels with brief notes.

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