The Edge of the World [AAR]

We wrapped up turn 1 of The Edge of the World Scenario [8-8-1942]. Explored a lot of elements of OCS systems from Multi-Man Publishing . Case Blue affords excellent maneuver warfare scenarios. This one is no exception.


Tony my opponent , took a licking Turn 1 losing a Bn of tanks from 3rd Pzr. to a bad over run, but came back strong to surround the evil doers with 23rd Pzr. [The essence of the deep lunge is yet to be explained, but we did cover combat, supply and reserve actions]
As the turn unfolded elements of 3rd prepped to assault to secure their Southern flank. But Arty missed the memo and failed to deliver results. The atk was delayed wisely.

In the Soviet Turn the meager air force got its licks in before the German Stukas show up! DG’ing the 23rd Pzr Bn and interdicting a key road junction for movement & SUPPLY TRACE!!! The rest of the Soviets began digging BIG ditches…. On to turn two.

In turn 2 we will delve a little into the background and history. Wanted to just get this up for you guys while its fresh.

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