The Defense of Moscow

Well this book got me thinking long ago about IF such an encirclement from the North is or was possible.

Feels like this is a series of books potentially. Radey leverages a lot of new research and archives to pull together a fascinating story. We know the history, which was a riveting read and not at all what you might think. Well worth a read.

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In my exploration with Guderians Blitzkrieg the area of operations in the book  is well covered. So part of my CB/GBII play was always going to cover off on what happened and what may have happened.

I took a slightly different approach however. 7th and 1st Panzer were supported heavily with several Infantry divisions and a 3 regiment or Bn level SS Cav units, with a Motorized Infantry formation in support near Rzhev also.


Kalinin and Klin were our objectives after Rzhev was taken late November ( our exploration is well behind historical events).  Winding thru to the Moscow Sea between Kalinin and Klin took two attempts, after 1st Guard Cav repulsed the first effort (see above).

A feint  to the North of Kalinin drew forces off, while a simultaneous press on Moscow from the West with 19th Pzr spread the defenses thinly near Klin.

After a few days of clearing and appearing to be ready to settle in and starve out Kalinin the Germans shifted axes rapidly.

DEC 19th

Driving through back roads to get to the Volga canal via the Moscow Sea to Duba!

Elements of the two forces the southern 56th  XXX HQ and Rhzev based guys linked up around Klin.

In a somewhat dashing manner the German paratroopers were deployed along with commandos, to secure the last rail supply line for Trace supply for Moscow. Taking the rail near Rostov and capturing Alexsandrov rail hexes.

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It is not all doom and gloom for Russia. They have reinforcements, their new dice are performing slightly better! They took out a regiment of SS! They have small elements blocking rail to attempt to clear.

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Moscow also has a huge Supply dump. They have no shortage of ability to “hold”, while chipping away at the thin line penetrating onto their rail.

20th Panzer and 11th Panzer are strung thinly along a line. 20th Pzr took a loss but powered thru and reamed the Soviet line.  It was a bit streaky after 2 very ordinary attacks by the Soviets the Germans rolled well for Air interdiction and managed to get just one Stuka attack in where it mattered.

2014-07-05 23.41.34

5th Pzr has been sent under high speed reserve mode movement to reinforce it and SS:T and Das Reich  and other units are pulling back from the outskirts of Moscow to better more defensible river terrain.

Next turn could be very telling. Something on the Southern front soon.





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  1. All they Sovs need to do is use an extender to link the rail lines around some of these little breaks and keep trace going, right?

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