The Dark Valley turn 4 AAR part2

Mixed weather, slows the German Advance on Vyazma. Near the tail end of the turn excess action chits go to waste as the Germans in the South have achieved their objectives.

In the center loses mount and little progress is made. The Logistic chit ends up causing a handful of isolations for the Germans

Only quick HQ moves in the North prevent the wholesale destruction of Panzer forces bogged down near Leningrad, as the Germans reluctantly realize they are going to all die unless they retreat!

With the Stavka chit coming into play for the first practical time they reinforces the line/ One 5-4 too many made it to the board. The 2d6 roll was 9.

At this point I’m not sure that playing turn 5 or 6 will achieve much. I am interested in trying the Case Blue scenario since there has been so much negative comment about its realism and historical value, due to the free setup and seemingly overly powerful Soviet forces!!

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