The Cry Babies of Wargaming Fandom

Derek is a solid citizen. He does the marketplace a favour by playing and offering reviews on a wide range of games. you do not have to watch if you dont want to.

If you want happy clappy it is all roses, I think you know which vblogger can provide you want you need.
His reviews are fair and open minded.
It is a shame that he has to resort to posting a rebuttal to the venal comments on BGG, in PM and email from people who are small minded.

His original video here:
Note that he is a Butterfield fan and is still excited about the playing the game. But it seems that some folks (even the designer ) cannot handle ANY criticism.

9 thoughts on “The Cry Babies of Wargaming Fandom

  1. At over 100 dollars, the components better be first rate. If I was the reviewer I would have ignored the whining and moved on to something else.

  2. Nothing wrong with either, If anything, too apologetic, Glad he pointed out everything. How else would one know what’s in the box? That being said, the package appears to be worthwhile.

    • Sure I agree. I would however worry as he points out about repeated use , impacting map tears etc. Other than that its the standard Compass thin counter thing, that they have had for ages.

  3. I looked for the response from the designer, but couldn’t find it… Did it get deleted? Anyway kind of a bummer as this one was on my radar…

  4. Hey Big Boarders πŸ™‚ Thanks for having my back, Kev. Just wanted to say, The follow-up vid I felt was necessary because in the original vid, I departed from a simple “unboxing” and veered into “review” territory. When I say critical things in a review, I think it’s important to back them up. Was I too apologetic, Chris? Yeah…probably. Might have been trying to be too diplomatic. My middle finger was sure itching when I got done with that vid, though πŸ˜› Thanks everybody!

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