The Campaign in the Huertgen Forest 1944 p1

Heading to the Kall Trail

paints a bloody picture. Maybe there is a story in there.

Sometime ago I started a campaign version of this classic old TCS title. We will follow 2 threads. One an AAR the other a pictorial essay of the  game as it plays out over time.

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The 2/983/275’s The Oberstleutnant named  Kriegler fumed as he hurried in organizing his troops.  This was an unexpected turn of events.

Here they were supposed to be preparing for an offensive to push back the Americans into France but instead they had attacked us! Did the Americans know they were just miles from our staging areas in the Ardennes. Gott in Himmel.  This is a disaster.  He groaned inwardly.

Vossenack has fallen so rapidly Kriegler barely had time to think.  The 1/983 had retreated quickly in the face of  the  combination of heavy artillery , tanks and heavy weapons teams from the Americans.  It was not more than 45 minutes of fighting along the main road, only to find that they were surrounded at the crossroads by a company of US soldiers and tanks who had flanked the 1/983’s position.

Oberstleutnant Kriegler had begun to move his men from 2/983 to support but quickly adjusted course when he saw the ensuing rout.  Disaster.  Well we can hold them at the Kall he thought.

They headed for the Kall Trail.  After 2 hours of heavy rain there was little chance the Americans would be able to bring their tanks to bear, at least this was some good news! If they could reconnect with the other platoons and remnants perhaps we can hold them off until reinforcements arrived.

The dam Artillery commander would not release more ammunition until Divisional Command provided authorization.  F$%#. Idiots. Units from the 89th Division were due in tomorrow.  But for now they would have to hold by them selves.   Looking around the dense forest and steep drop offs it was good defensive terrain.  But the line was too long for one battalion of men. If the Americans flanked us we would have issues. Once down near the stream the trails ran easily along each side.   Covering all of those locations will be difficult without AT guns or arty support he thought.

Looking at his watch he saw it was 1340.

Just then he heard the distinctive crack of enemy fire from ACROSS the river! He hurried to a radio man.

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