The Battle of Tingis 212 B.C.

There is one thing certain in history. It will repeat itself. However this is not always the case with replay and what if’ ing of Ancient Historical Battles.

So there we were, fresh from the fight at Siga, after crushing rather handily the Carthage army. Statorius had barely a knick on his helmet. His newly trained and disciplined Legions crushed the over confident cavalry dependent Carthage army.

Only to find ourselves in a pickle at Tingis. If I change their historical setup then, the Carthage army would naturally have been stronger too…. where do you go with that and how does that impact other future battles in the series for the 2nd Punic War?


So I settled for working with what we had, even though I was rather proud that the ‘roman’ side had pulled off another victory. I was finally getting the hang of the Legionary move and fight. Suffice to say Quintus and his boss Syphax got their arses kicked rather smartly.

It did not help that Syphax advanced awkwardly with his Right Wing Cav and immediately lost several units, with no loss to Cavalry Pursuit by Carthage.

This battle lasted 7 roman turns under SGBoH rules.

The attached vid is once again plagued by average lighting. BUT the action is pretty awesome, I think the cut scenes are working great , we can see the die rolls, Elephants rampage and vicious results of battle play out.

With Carthage taking 3 LC out fast, Rome was facing defeat with just 46 RPs to lose. The Carthage EL, harassed the remaining Cav for Rome, started to flank, and Quintus decided that if his Legions did do something then it was game over…After 5 Shock attacks, there was a very inconclusive exchange, 9/2/8/5/4 were the results, nearly half of the Medium infantry had 3 or more cohesion hits, the Carthage Light barely missed on its missile attack just prior ot shock, knocking nearly all the attacks to +1..EEEK.

It was game over.

The star of the show was however historically accurate! Massinissa kicked booty! Once the Carthage Right came into play while Elephants held back the Light Cav, Quintus took it in the rear and his Legion collapsed. Rome conceded.

The score ended up Roman/Rebels 37 Carthage 22….Spanked.

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