The Battle of Sipontum 334B.C.

Battle report from the mini campaign of Magna Graecia, c3i Magazine

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Opening moves see the forces advance towards the Apuli. The skirmishers attempt to dull the advance inflicting several cohesion hits upon the Javelineers and archers.

Sotimus and Minnio advance and the Septimus looks to take on the quick light cavalry to knock them out early.

In turn 3 Alexander the overall leader takes over from Socrates and rushes to the attack eliminating one wing of the enemies light lancers. However his forces pursue the fleeing forces……ugh. Meanwhile the center attacks and the Epirote light decimate the Mussapi infantry. 6 formations flee the field.

The Right wing now attacks the Lucani cavalry and they take a beating., Rout points stand at 36:5. The Appulian forces are taking a sever beat down by attempting to hold their ground in a defensive slot.

Alexander recovers his cavalry back to teh field. The Tarentines hit and the Lucania light horse race around spearing any they can (3 hits). Sotimus decides it is time to bring the big axe down. He attacks with the Phalanx and Heavy Infantry.  These attacks force the Appulian Chieftain to question why diplomacy was not more effective. 5 more units flee.

Rout points are now 68:5.

Another turn confirms the worst, as units flees the momentum is really all one way here. The Appulian Chief takes his own life.


2 thoughts on “The Battle of Sipontum 334B.C.

  1. Great pictorial essay for the start of your Magna Graecia mini-campaign. What I particularly like are the way you combine photos and text to give a battle narrative, and the different, angled images give a fresh perspective of how the action unfolds. This is inspiring me to try some of my own and I’ll try to send you one on a Blood and Roses battle.

    • Brendan, thanks so much! Now I know at least one person understands the linkage between image and text ;)!! I like to believe the image paints a picture if you take it the ‘right’ way. Sometimes it is just to avoid glare, but mostly there is a story hidden in the counters, map art and info chits. I am glad , thrilled that you will be attempting to capture the narrative from your minds eye and translate to us. I look forward to the stories unfolding.

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