The Battle for Kasserine : P500

Direct from the MMP newsletter get it while you can… If you dare!

In actual fact I am looking forward to the more manageable size of this one and hope it allows the system to shine better than Last Blitzkrieg.

BAPTISM BY FIRE: The Battle of Kasserine, February 1943

Following in the footsteps of the highly regarded Last Blitzkrieg, the second title in the Battalion Combat Series (BCS),Baptism By Fire, chronicles the first real ground operations by the US Army in the ETO in WW2. Every wargamer knows this battle was a severe Allied setback. What is not obvious, however, is that Allied troops on the ground gave a good account of themselves against the remnants of Rommel’s vaunted Afrika Korps, despite the ineffective and confused leadership that existed at Corps level.
The game is designed as a more accessible entry to the system for those who want something smaller and faster than the earlier monster game. Here the wide open desert, limited number of formations, and short scenario length provide players with a rapid and fun introduction to the series, the chance to develop their play skills to become a more effective BCS player overall, and to take a good look at this poorly understood battle.
Baptism By Fire will have a retail price of $76.00 but will pre-order for $57.00. Make sure you pre-order today!

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