The 3rd Coalitions Allied Forces at Austerlitz 1805

These are the units of the Allied forces in the NBS title Austerlitz.

Let us take a slightly closer look at some specific units.

Buxhowden’s forces were substantial. The Advanced Guard, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Columns lead by Doctorov, Langeron and Przybyexzewsky comprised some tough and capable fighting units.

In 1805 Russia had:
13 grenadier regiments (heavy infantry)
84 musketier regiments (line infantry)
22 jäger regiments (light infantry)
Russia’s population was slightly larger than Frances at the time but more highly dispersed, thus impacting recruiting, transport and organization. Many forces would often have less men than prescribed. For example a a regiment would have just 60% of the NCOs needed and 939 of 1700 privates!

Each JagerRegiment such as the 5th and 7th  had 3 jager battalions (x 8 jager companies).

Whereas a musketeer regiment such as Yaroslav

and Vladimir had 1 grenadier battalion (x 8 grenadier companies) , 2 musketeer battalions (x 8 musketeer companies),

The Moscow and Kiev grenadier regiment had 1 grenadier battalion (x 4 grenadier companies) and 2 fusilier battalions (x 4 fusilier companies).

Generally the jägers, were superior marksmen to the musketeers. (Petre-“Napoleon’s Campaign in Poland,1806-7”)

Additionally in every jager company all NCOs and 12 best marksmen were armed with rifles. The jagers were the shortest men in the army. The minimum height requirement in 1812 for the jägers was below 2 arshin and 2 vershok. A little over 4 foot 8 inches!

The Russian musket of 1805-pattern weighed 5.16 kg  Was poorly made and cumbersome. Captured weapons were prized. Especially the Charleville French musket.

The Bravery of many Russians was renowned. especially when it came to Bayonet charges. How the weather impacts the battle of Austerlitz, and the musket volleys is what we will explore during our re visit. For until the sun burned away the fog, there was much confusion in part due to fog the rest due to what was liekly an overly complex plan for the Allies.

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