Minor gaming update.

Thought the heading full of acronyms might serve as click bait…;). So regardless of that, here is what is going on as I sneak out into vacation time 14th-26th and bid you a Merry Christmas.

A teaching play of TWW [Third World War] has evolved into a full pbem vassal play. oops.

BfN [Battle for Normandy ]- Operation Epsom is on hold until post 24th Dec. I’m keen to get to the main event and play a full campaign on vassal, though dreading a little the landing stage.

Operation Epsom

Planning an OCS [Operational Combat System] day with a group of Austin local grognards I have not met before. Nice to find new gamers!!!

We will tackle Operation Ripper from Korea 2nd Ed on the 29th of December. 2-4 others may play Reluctant Enemies or Burma.

Operation Ripper setup:Think we have found a scenario that can be played via pbem in Flashpoint Crisis on the pc without further hiccups.

TNW -The Next War is now sitting at end of Turn 3. Both sides feel ok, but losses on air are stupid high….lol. A designer mentioned that the game felt unfinished. To me it is more a exploration of unknowns. Rules were written based on hearsay. So hind sight impacts our value judgement on the game. There are weak spots for sure.

This solo effort needs to end by late Jan ’17 as Steve and Michael are coming in from overseas to play Third World War with Dave and I first weekend in Feb. Then we play again in Feb @GameOn!

Meanwhile slow going on poor old Bonny in Italy. I’ve hit a brick wall in terms of motivation to dick with this game. It seems part of the lack of motivation is the loosey goosey Victory Conditions. Its all very vague. When you have a lack of clarity its hard to be decisive regarding turn play. What I did find is that Sun of Austerlitz and Napoleon at the crossroads have slightly cleaner rules by a small margin for attrition. So I ummm. Bought both.

Finally S&T Punic War:

Off on vacation thru the 23rd, while away, some Agricola, some Millenium Wars solo and rule book reading:

Skimming the fat lardy that is GOSS rules… I so want to know you, my little 3 column rulebook of denseness.

Currently reading Liberty Roads rules for playing on Vassal against Steve. Feels just like Victory Roads of course.

Got BAR rules packed to read. Interestingly I’m having second thoughts on the system as I deliberately let some time go between playing aided by experts and then reading the rules. This has me questioning my sanity regarding BAR love.

If there is room in the bag Dead Reckoning and All Things Zombie!

Books, Books and more books packed, Kagan’s Thucydides, Hastings book on the Western Theater and lots of kindle reads:

Mountain time is quiet time!

First time in a long, long time I have had family vacation with no work commitments and felt able to let the leaders do their thing. Nice feeling to have a team that supports you and can get it done.

Merry Christmas everyone from the TGWE 😉






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