Test -Using GBoH for Hannibal RvC for tactical resolution of battles

First test battle with the Hannibal:Rome v Carthage game using Great Battles of History to resolve the combats!
If you recall we had this draft table for conversions.

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TQ ratings change over time for these battles, the sides ‘came together’ as advantage swung away from Carthage at the mid to tail end of the war. The mix of forces for each side changed too, all based upon a sampling of force mixes from 2nd Punic War battles of course.

I need to put some thought into losses back onto the game board of H;RvC and deal with the different theatres effectively.


One thing I was pondering was the advantage conferred in H:RvC of the Battle Cards.

If one side has a lot of units vs an army with less but a better leader, the side with the better Leader, or home land advantage will pick up more battle cards sometimes than the ‘stronger ‘ attacker.

I should consider this in the GBoH battle. Perhaps conferring the difference in the card counts as a number of free Elite Activation/Uncontested (no Trump) continuation for the Overall Commander?

A simple way to provide a bit of an advantage without lots of paperwork. Initially I had thought about counting up the BU’s by type and translating that into some meaningful mechanic or rule. Elite Activations might just be simpler.

I saw some chaps playing out a version of this with minis and command & colors Ancients that lead me to be thinking about how to do this with GBoH, so far no response from them on how they mapped their approach to C&C Ancients.

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So what about that battle?

Well it is set in Afrika in 217 B.C.!

The Romans have 8 units or 40,000 men vs Carthages 30,000 men.

The premise is that it is early war. The Romans had historically initially intended to land in Africa anyway, so we are on track, likely tho not as large an army (it was originally 4 CU).

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We now have double that. We have subjugated Western Numidia. Thus we can call upon a “Syphax’ like character and his forces to augment the Roman army led by A. Paulus.

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I’m thinking 1 Veteran Legion (Xth), 1 Standard (III), 2 recruit (VII+AS) and the rest made up of forces trained by Romans (the brown Legion(Iberian) trained the Centurion Statorius in C3i mag #XX), some tribal forces(5xMI+ 6XLI) and some much needed Numidians horse and RC. Separate command by Syphax perhaps? that gives us  approximately 39,800 men.

For Carthage they will have some Elephants,  4xPhalanx units in one line, up front 13x North African Medium infantry  9x Light Infantry and of course Cavalry (Numidian and Lancers). This equals 30.4k _+ Elephants.

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In H:RvC both sides had 10 cards in this unusual instance so no benefits of Activation.

One thought on “Test -Using GBoH for Hannibal RvC for tactical resolution of battles

  1. Kevin, go to it! This is starting to develop into something. Making the conversion from Battle Cards into GBoH is a challenge. Clearly the Battle Cards represent more than just force assets but also command capabilities – I think a leader like Hannibal gets 4 Battle Cards? Maybe in GBoH this would be represented by Hannibal and the other leaders he often had with him? Also I think Allies raise an extra Battle Card or two to represent local forces?

    I think you’re definitely on the right track by basing your TQ levels on the troops represented in GBoH during the 2nd Punic War GBoH scenarios. I am watching this with interest.

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