Tensions rising. Which game would, does or could cover this!?


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“At least eight nations claim territory in the region, and tensions have continued to escalate as fisherman expand into new waters and countries eye up the potential for oil and gas deposits.

China has made a broad claim over around 90% of the 3.5 million square kilometerarea, and has pushed for one-on-one talks with its neighbors, rather than a regional solution—the preferred solution of the United States, which is allied with many of the claimants and is making a heralded “pivot” to boost its presence in the region.ASEAN, the regional group of Southeast Asia governments, has thus far failed to resolve much of anything.

It’s clear nobody wants war, but plenty of experts say it is possible. Here is a brief compendium of the minuscule land, reefs, shoals, and stretches of open water that have much of Asia on edge.”

Is there an interesting military sim here? Red Dragon Green Crescent comes to mind?

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