Tear Down That Wall

Turn Three Part 2

Frantic messaging between Italian officials and Us Diplomats reveal that the US has nothing to share. There will be no help from them. Italy is on her own!

Rapidly moving they consolidate enough strength to slow down the Soviet beast.


The Danes cling to life. But just barely. The NATO forces cede ground to determined attacks in the North, and the Belgian border may well be the next line of defense unless US forces can be reconstituted along with Canadian and UK units.

Hannover falls to the PACT.

In the Gap NATO holds the line. Taking losses but keeping their positions strong in rough and woods terrain. The rolling hills blunting the swarming tactics of the Pact.

Further South the Activity in the Bavarian sector heats up, as continual robbing of Pater to pay Paul has left the lines skinny. A blitzing attack on Munich succeeds in disturbing the situation and Salzburg falls.


The US 24th ID and 82nd Airborne continue pounding on weaker Soviet elements.


Paybacks are a bitch and the Syrians take a little damage.


The German lunge while successful exposes the line. Just as 2nd line Soviet forces arrive to plug the gap. Disrupted NATO allies struggle to find a way to support the Division.

As the Hungarians gather steam the US reacts and attempts to plug the hole while the Homeland Defense of the German army allocates it self to the South.

Improbably the Turks and US forces rally to knock out an elite Soviet Division.

And hold Istanbul for yet another turn.


A 2nd A-10 is shot down!!!! By AA. The President orders to push a general counter attack are implemented against the better judgement of the Generals. The Sec Def screams for Nuke release but the President holds the line as back channel conversations with the Kremlin reveal their intention to NOT use any nukes. The Counter attack by US and German forces goes awry.

Further to the South in the Persian Gulf the Soviets fall back, building a solid line and the US pause to re group and re fit, and push again!



US forces retreat from the Southern pressure of the Hungarians ns ad Southern Armies . Kassle is under threat!

The back of the Southern Front assault is broken, but new forces stream in to the area from Russia.


The counter attacks by NATO are rebuffed by the Soviets., and two divisions of US forces are lost in the Fulda gap. The area is tenuous at best but the Soviets has also taken a beating and lack the ability to effectively punch hard.



The Soviet Premier is handed the phone. “Mister Prezident, greetings from Russia, we wish to notify you that our aims have been achieved and if you are amenable discuss a ceasefire.” The Premiers face darkens into a deep shade purple. ” What?” he says. ” you would not dare.”

In the Oval office the President sits up straight in his seat. “Listen you will roll your forces back to the Eastern border of Eastern Germany, and you will tear down that wall, or by God I will wipe you off the face of the earth. Do you understand me? This war must end, and Germany must be unified. Those are my terms take them or leave them. Send a telex with your answer. Good day sir”


3 hours later the telex machine clatters to life in the White House.

A single word on the murky cream colored paper.

It says “Da.”



The Soviet military machines, huffs and puffs but cannot blow the house down! We looked at the end state of Turn 3 and realize that it would play out to either a draw or at best squeak out a minor victory for the Soviets.

We elect to call it there as over all the Soviets are unable to capitalize on any of the good aspects of their progress to date.

The Arctic which started out strong, ended up a stalemate and the Swedish relief column is on its way. So few if any VPS are to be had there.

Central Europe will not collapse. The USA can go back on the defensive and husband air for that purpose, and attrit the PACT punch further, a small hand full of VPS are up for grabs. B-52’s would begin targeting weak Soviet Divisions.

The Balkans hold the best hope, but the Brits and Italians landed forces in Yugoslavia and begin to threaten the Soviet rear there casting into doubt the entire prospect of easy pickings in Italy.

The Southern Front wont fall and the Soviets there may be forced to fight alone as the Bulgarians near collapse.

In the Gulf the weight of US forces, crushes the weaker Soviets and wipes out the rebellious Iranians. The US can clear this are in total and likely transport out to do some damage either in the Southern Front or drop into the Fulda Gap if needed there.

I think we both had an excellent time and enjoyed the nip and tuck excitement and streamlined game play immensely. In fact we  are gearing up to go again!

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