TCS Tuesdays: Matanikau 1300 hours

We pick back up after skipping some action last week. F company and some battalion weapon groups have been pushed back after sustaining some losses while E and G company have joined with C company from the 2-5 Marines to take the log bridge and then E and G will push northward towards Matanikau Village.

Meanwhile the much needed 1st Tank reinforcements have arrived and are moving toward the sandpit.


These red vis-a-vis markers were piss poor for using for op sheets as they bled and become runny on my sheet protectors but they work great on plexi. Helps me pickup where I left off.


Here you can see the 1st Tank as they approach the sandpit. The IJF have a number of AT guns waiting along with a supporting platoon.


False hope or not? Time will tell, as the Marines I’m managing some slight success but have felt it along the way.


More reinforcements due at 1400 hours in the Raiders Bn. In this sense the IJF must manage their troops well as they have no reinforcements.


Just waiting to be sent into action!


Just hit 1300 hours and still enjoying it!

2 thoughts on “TCS Tuesdays: Matanikau 1300 hours

    • I’ll say in advance that the 1st company took a pounding! First time using tanks in TCS so as you said, truly baptized by fire. And yes, 12 year Grangestone scotch, a current favorite of mine.

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