16th thru 18th of May TBL_2

  • The Germans 20 SP and initiative again.
  • Reinforcements and no Pax/EQ.
  • West of Dinant the 1st Panzer supported by the elements of the 6th and 10th Panzer lose a step, and cause a step loss but the French block the way. In a 28^4 v 3^2 attack Kliest and 1st Panzer attack in a follow up. Pushing back the French.
  • The 4th Panzer and SS:V in the North forge a trail between Brussel and Namur from Diest. Crossing the ancient Sambre River and reach the outskirts of Charleroi. The line and supply are secured; albeit somewhat thinly but several divisions and regiments extend a line with HQs from Charleroi back to the forces surging up towards Brussels. Feeling behind schedule the rush is on. It seems that Charleroi would be a good next stop to capture and force the roll back of the Allies.
  • Allied Turn
  • The French stretch regiments from Brussels to Charleroi. They elect not toroll back. The rear of Namur lies exposed. The French pull forces back just enough popping breakdown regiments along the way, the BEF initiates a retreat anchored on Brussels.
  • The North South road at the edge of the Ardennes becomes the new line of defense. 2nd and 3rd Armor place themselves into Reserve mode.
  • Arty batters the SS:V again and forces the loss of an Armored car Bn, the 9th Panzer is DG. 3rd Motorized (1/1C,1/2C), attacks SS:V Infantry LAH regiment and eliminates it entirely! 1 Motorized threatens from the North.
  • The allies prepare a major counter attack for next turn, and feel very, very good about the situation.
  • 18th of May
  • The French win initiative!!!
  • Perfect for them! They take 13 SP and forge them up to the Brussels area and move their forces into position to lay down a lot of arty and seek out targets that will split the forces away from Trace supply and cause massive damage. From Brussels to Charleroi forces prepare to attack.
  • A broad counter attack is ordered by the French.

    The first attack: 16^3 v 2^3 (Atk:47%/Def:54%!).The 5th NA obtain a Ao1/DL1o1 ! Losses mount for the Germans.

    Then, 12^3 v 12^2. SS:V [G] dies in Charleroi! The carnage continues as the Belgian Arty DGs most of 4th Panzer. This superb. The field line of the Germans strung out over 10-15 miles is punctured everywhere.

    The Allies execute a 41^3 v 7.5^4 attack this yields just a 15% risk of losses to French forces O1/DL101. The lines are cut back to the Main German forces.

  • The Dutch and BEF arty attack and kill Germans strung out on the roads and rail with Artillery. 1M attack 15^4 v 1.4^3 The Germans are eviscerated. The French should now also have used interdiction with air!!

  • Exploit attack takes out 3 arty and almost kills a HQ!

    German Turn.

    What the F$%^ing hell is going here. It is as tho .well you know what so be it. The Germans have made some mistakes. Poor stack management, not enough use of air on targets to stop this Arty and big stacks of armoured response from the French. They forgot to move a division in reserve mode that could have helped shore up the now fractured line.

  • Around Namur, air superiority war continues and Germans mount up losses. Stuka attacks failwow. What else can go wrong.

    Looking for a way to get supply first of all into the now stranded tanks, we first must control the air here. The Germans pay the price for not seeing where the Frogs were, and now have to fight for air control.

  • Namur is our only hope. IF that can be DGd and attacked we can get everyone back into trace and re group our forces. If not. Well this is gunna be an ugly turn. Fortunately the Germans have SS:T on the other side of the river that can help in an assault.

  • Just enough trace supply if fed into the gaps to keep most of the Germans from Attrition rolls.

    Germans need initiative on the 20th.

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