TBL 26th of May 1940

26th May.

The Germans push to deepen their hold on key rail heads, and reinforce with Supply. Most units near Cambrai will be out of trace this turn. So enough supply needs to be there to feed the forces & fight! The units just Nth East of Bohain are keeping the French in Trace Supply. A vicious battle ensues. Cambrai is reinforced.

They push troops to Cambrai and attack and eliminate units around La Cateau .  The 22nd LL take Denain

airfield and supply is flown in, the 20M and 9th Pzr support their efforts. In the North the entire offense focuses on not allowing any break through to the coast. The SS and Panzer units their assume defensive positions and conserve SP. With the hurried retreat of the BEF and French from Belgium, new rail support lines open up.  The Germans make Ovrenaarde a new supply hub. With forces running thru the gap broken by the 3rd Pzr, troops flow to hold the wedge open and not have themselves cut off.


The small Couvin pocket takes 4 step losses in Belgian French forces. 1st panzer brings the big guns to bear in an attack to shake loose the last units keeping France and the BEF in trace supply.


Below in the image showing France and Belgium every unit North of the German line in the South of the map and every unit from Left to Right of that is out of trace supply.  8 SP per turn are required for the units in this massive pocket, the French and British consume 8 leaving 5 SP.


The 28th of May we elect to do an assessment of likely losses from Attrition, as no new supply can be funneled to the Allies. 21 attrition rolls later 28 steps would come off the board. 9 of  them BEF.  Supply is down to less than 3 SP (I found some more hiding).  This is conserved for fuel or break out attacks. The slow moving French are trying desperately to gain the ground to make a break thru attack. It is not going to happen in time!

If we assume no attacks and no or little movement other than consolidation we take another 18 rolls for the 30th of May turn, 20 more steps die on the vine.

The Allied Player surrenders their baton, and sit to ponder what might have been.

Around Liege Area below:

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