TBL 22nd of May 1940

22nd of May

The theme is consistent now, the Germans win Initiative again. Take 20 Supply and pause to assess how to best tackle what has become the most urgent of priorities. The Capture of the Ports to prevent the BEF escape OR drive on Paris.  As it stands there are just 12 days of campaign left yet the Sedan offensive has ground to a halt, mired in large CF units with crappy AR’s. Yet fighting thru the tangle is not going to get the Nazis’s very far.

There must be a way around?  The Ardenne forest was avoided as much as possible, should the Germans back track and clear the French out?

Arty for a thin flank, while the Germans assess an end around at a weak point in French Defense. just north west of the Ardenne Canal

Meanwhile the 10th Pzr overrun a DG’d breakdown regiment (7^5v 2^2 ) and the 1/7, 2/7 in move mode drive by and attack 2 Arty units killing one, and forcing a retreat on the other across the Ardenne canal. South West of Charleville Meziere the 1st,10th.8th and GD push hard to link up with 2nd Pzr. Attacks are planned around Stonne.

Germans cut supply to Liege below:

Further in the Northern Ardenne  the bridge across the Meuse is reinforced and the Trace supply is now cut to Liege. The starvation of the enemy can begin….but look at the forces this requires! Gott in Himmel!

Over view South Maps

West and North near the city of Ronse the breach is widened, and the Germans  attempt to drive a wedge between the BEF and the Sea Ports. In a risky move the SS:V and 3rd and 9th Panzer fuel up and drive deep! 2 more Bns die along the roads.

The SS, lead the way driving for rail junctions.

The BEF take on replacements but as yet have no need for them. Reforming their lines with the French near Ronse, they see the Nazi push and begin to adjust to this unexpected drive. The Germans are not going directly to the Ports rather seeking to cut off the avenues of escape!?!

The BEF can always exit some units off the South map by rail, but will that be enough to thwart a mauling??

The BEF and French find selective small attacks to conduct with their forces which kill off disrupted disorganized German Armoured units in movement mode as well as an infantry regiment.   This proves expensive from a supply stand point to feed the ammo to the big guns.

Over the past several days French Forces in reserve mode have saved the day on numerous occasions.  Their ability to react with Arty barrages on forces combining for main attacks has thwarted progress for the Germans. The French are holding within 6 hexes the Meuse still!

Even DG’d the Germans attempt to maneuver away around the French

The toll on German materiel is starting to mount with 16 motorized or tank Bns lost to date.

By the end of the turn this is where the Germans are at. The main access of attack  is slowly shifting.

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