TBL 14th May 1940


Allied Losses Turn 2: 5 French, 2 Belgian and 1 Dutch.

Germany takes initiative again.  Hitler directs the Germans Generals to continue their rush into the flatlands of France.


The SS in the North move in Reserve mode closer to Liege. The 3rd Panzer also consolidates, a little further west in preparation for a renewed assault now that the fun in Holland is over.  Regiments spread out across the Maas from Maastricht , seeking to envelope the forces there and surround Leige.   4th Panzer also prepares to assault.

South in the Ardennes Battalion commanders’ fight with the confusing traffic snarls to setup over watch positions on the flanks of the German route through the Ardennes.  All the while pressuring the nimble French armoured car units further back by cutting their communications lines.


The forces in and around Sedan coalesce and attack across the Ardennes Canal and toward Vouzier. Supply is troublesome and even Kleist forces are struggling to keep ammo and fuel flowing. The Panzer Forces are across the Canal and Vouzier but under manned.


Allied Turn

The French unfortunately mess up supply this turn for 1M. Feeding it from a Belgian unit. So they escape with a freebie.

A long green line follows and protects the rail from Liege, to keep all in supply.

To make matters worse for the German player they attempt to surround the SS:V, and in the South make 2 large attack in the Sedan pocket! Aggressive arty kills the 56/110 from 8th Panzer and 2nd motorized arty is crushed as well. The French make themselves felt by using 46 arty factors in one of the attacks!

A secondary attack does not fare so well as the  attacks perish, bouncing off the tough German hasty defense. The 1/31 from 5th Panzer also perishes in the French attacks.

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