The Board Game Show Episode 1/21/2014

Listen to it here: The Board Game Show latest Edition!

This episode has loads of  General Gaming fun, more cocktails and a little segment from moi on The Battle of Bulge. Sadly I was on video chat with  and kept “showing” things… but you cant see things on a POD CAST!!! :).

Scott runs a fun Podcast and helps ease old wargamers nerves about being recorded.

I also sneak in a chat about Aspern Essling 1809 from Vae Victus. All the games we talk about I hope are suitable for cross over, new Wargamers or History enthusiasts. I think Aspern -Essling fits the mould of a game that is more robust than the VPG 20 series, but still very accessible for Face to Face play AND solo.

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I also share some notes on my Bulge game with my 12 year old… I might have slipped and said 9 year old in the Pod cast! Doah. Then we start getting all goofy over the i/OS Bulge Game from Shenandoah Studios. This was a fun segment to do and I hope to do some more, as it is forcing me to play and add to the cycle simpler and more accessible games.2014-01-21 13.16.10


The Podcast has a preview with Chris Sollis on the Battle Card game on Kickstarter and looks at a load of other titles such as The downfall of Pompeii, Masterless, the Samurai Game and Robinson Crusoe!

Scotts Blog is here:

Enjoy it.

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