Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s Tank On Tank Review

Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s Tank On Tank Review

May 7, 2012


Tank On Tank

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Available from Lock ‘n Load Publishing

Designed by Peter Bogdasarian

MSRP $34.99

Tank on Tank (ToT) is a tactical level game simulating Tank actions on the Western Front during World War II. ToT is a low complexity game that focuses mostly on armor combat. One thing I can say right from the beginning of this review is that this game is Fun, that’s Fun with a capital “F”. It’s a beer and pretzel game that’s a blast. If you’re looking for an accurate “Historical” simulation, you can stop reading right now and move on to something more to your liking.

The game package consists of the game rules, 40 counters, a players’ aid and two game maps. The quality of the components is up to Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s normal standards. The counters are colorful and laid out in a logical manner. The combat units in Tank on Tank represent hard targets (units protected by some type of armor plating) and soft targets (units not protected by armor plating). Hard targets are such units as tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled artillery, while soft targets are infantry and anti-tank guns. Below is an example of each of the types of counters included with the game.


The rule book is divided into 10 sections but is only 14 pages long. That’s right, that’s not a typo, only 14 pages. The pages are jammed full of information and as the complexity level of the game shows, the sections are easy to understand. The sections of the rule book are;

  • Introduction
  • The Pieces
  • The Map
  • Facing
  • Turns
  • Action Points
  • Movement
  • Entry of Reinforcements
  • Combat
  • Personnel Units
  • Scenarios
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