Tank on Tank is coming with at least two cool new features!

TonT is coming soon according to Dave. OK! A superb intro wargame.
The fine details are being sorted and once again I’m hopeful that they do well with the final product.
Below is a draft art work copy of one of the maps from Western front. Hexes are larger now by the looks of it.

The new features are more than larger hexes. First off lets talk about units.

One of the short comings of most of the series in LNLP is the lack of ability to ‘build’ armies or forces for custom conflicts. If I recall correctly the idea will be to start with a points based system akin to most minis games and allow you to create scenarios from there.

Now what would be awesome is a Random Scenario Generator (RSG) similar to the well thought out system used in Combat Commander. Maybe that will be down the track!

The second big element is back printed maps with winter terrain effects (these will come with a movement and combat effects note also). This is frankly a sweet idea. VERY immersive. Playing a winter scenario, flip your maps and use that side. All of these elements will (I hope) be included in the upcoming reprint of Tank on Tank East and West.



Thanks to LNLP for letting Big Board readers have sneak peek at what is in the pipe and allowing us to provide some consumer feedback that is from a  broader circle than just the play testers!

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