A kind reader of the blog is mailing me his counters from the 2nd Edition to use to play! Whoot. Thanks Marc G.

Wellington, rugged terrain, Cannonades, Cavalry. What more could a young lad ask for?

Talavera is a seminal battle in the Peninsula War. Lets go explore it together using the La Bataille system of rules then compare to The Gamers version using the NBS system. Jolly Good….

But first!

Some issues.

2014-08-18 14.14.06

W.T.H “SELLER” how can I fight the battle without the ENTIRE IV CORPS….I mean really?

The French are good right? But not that good!

Hopefully this baggie of bad asses found its way into another LaBatt title?

{UPDATE: he is searching, and has offered a full refund. Which is nice but does not solve our little problem.}

[UPDATE 2…no bits…well crap. ]

2014-08-18 14.26.45


Otherwise this sucker is headed to the rubbish bin. I am not making 20+ counters for an old fox like this. I truly suck at counter making.

The early 80’s in someways are well and truly well left behind are they not:

2014-08-18 14.14.16

Hahahaha….so THIN. I wish I was thinner.

The maps look like they may have been hand drawn then printed. Very nice.2014-08-18 13.43.32

Then there is this quaint little idea of no hex numbers. So formations setup within a certain number of hexes of those itty bitty chicken scratch’ens on the ap you see above! A 1. an IL, some other random abbreviations to work through.

The setup charts are mostly readable, but suffer for the sub 300DPi printing effort. This feels desktop published by a guy who just wants to get on his Sega and forget the Disco era ever happened.

Hmm. Well I am seeking another title. But this will kill my side by side plan. Poop.:(

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  1. Hey Kevin you really want to play Taxpayers Talavera I can send you my copy to borrow. Let me know.

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