Battle for Normandy Operation Totalize

Please free free to grab this file, check my work and let me know if it is close to accurate [ you need the scenario book !!:)]. I am unclear on exact config of the map. But will check it against the expansion map physically shortly.  This Vassal file is for the opening of Operation Totalize scenario 13.0.



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OST – shattered Turn 7…[reverse order turn counter]

A continuation of  our VASSAL based online play:

The battle for the center of the map heats up. The KV1 is proving to be invincible. So to are T-34s, so dont hold onto allusions of historical accuracy here. Just revel in the fun. We started at Turn 14, it is now T6. The Germans are likely going to lose this scenario as they have nothing tht can stop the T-34s. Either a heavy AT gun or better tanks are required…or a revision of the movement rate/stats of the 1941 T-34.

We are having a blast working out the kinks in the system and exploring different strategies as they evolve with Opportunity Fire,  Tank Duels and Melee.

Good cracking fun.