With their backs against the wall [WaW] p2


2016-01-16 15.53.11

Lets pick up at the push across the ford. With it now being daylight, Arty begins to rain down on both sides.2016-01-16 15.53.37


The Soviets get really lucky and suffer little for ineffective barrages. Whereas the Mig 25 Foxbat units demolish US units and come back for more.

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With our backs against the wall [WaW] P1

World at War, Platoon scale combat in the hypothetical 80’s. Chit pull activation, generates tense play and desperate maneuver, as sparse US forces scramble to slow or stop the juggernaut of Soviet armour and mechanized regiments.

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The Chit sequence drives decisions and in this instance an even spread allowed both sides to get early shots off in a night time opening turn

End of turn progress in the approach to the river, which has all bridges blown, but the Soviets have found a fording location (SSR).

Opening volleys target deadly Bradley Fighting vehicles, while the M1’s respond by trying to take on well hunkered down BMP’s armed with saggers.

Sequence of chits!

2016-01-16 13.04.42

End Turn 1

Fire Exchanged on both sides!

Turn 2 Infantry units cross over and close assault, only to be rebuffed in heavy night fighting.

Soviet tanks and troops pay a heavy price at the ford, trying to swim past the hull down M1’s.

We reference check night vision for T-62’s…sadly in 85 they did not have it! DAMN!!

Loss mount for the US, as the heavy BMP fire zeros in on Bradleys and HQ units. Blasting thin skinned vehicles.

HE strikes and heavy missile fire dominate turn 2. The Soviets have barely crossed the river. But they have succeeded in driving the US to protect the center and leave the right somewhat exposed.

5 tanks racing for cover are caught in the suns early rise!

Just as the main forces enter the board on Turn 3! T-80s surge to the bridge, a Forward security element has a bridge layer, and BMPs are laden with men and materiel. The US player looks forlornly at his dwindling forces. The Bridge layer receives conflicting orders about destination.

Run of the chits Turn 3:

End Turn 3:

Eisenbach Gap on the PC?

Looks pretty cool. Might be a nice way to get gamers over to the dark side of Board Gaming!
I shared with my kids they all thought it was interesting and they liked the animations.

Fear in the Forest, or The Hammer of Thor?

Hammer of Thor Scenario 1 Operation Garbo. World at War.

0630 20th of May 1985
A cold breeze blew across the harbor. The early morning sun struggled to warm the frigid air. Three days earlier the world was stunned by Soviet Russia’s attack into Western Germany. In the main theatre of war strange and fearful events were slowly being leaked out to the rest of the world.
None of that was an issue for Ander.  His Battalion, or what there was of it had a job to do. A job he was fearfully well trained for. 20 years of service and a tour of duty in ‘Nam under a combat readiness exchange program meant he was battle hardened, his men were another matter. Certainly well trained, but they were mostly reservist and non combat trained men. These Swedes prided themselves on their ability to fight for a very small country.

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Eisenbach Gap Scenario #1

From Feb 10 , 2011!

The tanks of the 1st Tank Regiment of the Soviet Army idled in Schlafendbauer.

Virov knew they had a challenge ahead of them. The town of Bergengipfel lay a short distance from the bridges of Eisenbach. Scouting reports had identified troops waiting for their advance.

Virov called in an artillery barrage to keep their heads down while his T-72s closed the gap and could get into a solid kill range. Arty took out the ITV sitting in the open he observed as a flash then smoke filled his nocs.

As the first platoon rolled out from the outskirts of town, reports of enemy fire came in.

“Captain, there are 4 Abrams sitting in the wide open behind the hill we are taking fire” . Came over the radio. What the hell was American doing in the open? Virov thought to himself. Using the hill for cover the T-72’s closed range.

The Abrams 105mm cannons make short work of the T72’s that first passed around the hilltop.

(not sure why that stack looks so high!?)
Virov teams hid behind each of the hills short of town. He called in more HE to keep the Infantry suppressed. As 2 platoons take on the Abrams the rest of his units storm the town.

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