Learning TCS Session

tcs_gd42Saturday I’m doing a bit of a casual walk thru. I am not a fan of teaching people games given the number of short cuts I take playing solo! Yikes.


TCS: Screaming Eagles in Holland – The Alamo

Opposed game play hopefully via vassal and live board.

This should be fun, as we get into the strategy and tactics of decision cycles at the platoon scale.



EDIT – looks like this game play will not proceed. Oh well. Both of us have conflicting schedules.

1200 Matanikau…Bloody Jungles


Both sides leadership review losses and attempt to boost the men’s morale. It is tough going for both sides and neither force reduces the growing count on Morale losses in each Battalion.

In an effort to give the men a break the Marine call in arty strikes all across the board. However the big 105’s splash harmlessly in the Ocean. Battalion command and Gunnery officers scream at each other as rounds fall all over the place.

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Matanikau 1100-1140 TCS Platoon Level Combat


Arty Phase H-2 mortars fail to hit IJA in jungle. The fire and control is thrown by the jungle density and command is unsure what to do.


The 105’s do a horrid job of registry and the shots go FF……Scatter takes it right into the advancing Whales and Company A. [3 steps of Infantry are lost and many suppressions ensue] Company A is caught in the open on the move by it own arty and they hug the ground!

3 Platoon of IJA 4/2 gets their forces lined up and knock Kilo company hard ear the coast. [81-100 table with its SFA on Kilo. Reduced -4 steps, Reaction OW by Kilo 25+2 col and knocks 3 steps!] The other Platoons in the company co-ordinate Mortar and MG fire to also deal a savage blow back to the IJA.

IJA moves its forces to complete Op plan in and around Village. The balance of the hour sees the Marines licking their wounds and seeking means to bring overwhelming fire to bear.

The Scouts and other men crawl closer to get coordinates on the enemy, with little or no luck. The lines barely move for an hour.

Will the Marines stall out again on Guadalcanal?