TBL-PBEM Turn 2!

Turn 2

Allied Initiative…

So the allies moved, few attacks, lots of air to little effect and arty except in Liege area where arty DG’d 4th Pzr. That sucked. But that was a cheap lesson. I’d forgotten about the power of Arty and leaving honking big stacks invites trouble. Lesson Learned. Bill did not take much of the bait. At the end of this turn I leave some unintended bait for him…oh boy please pray he missed what I did. Basically I left my best HQ and a bridge uncovered. The bridge supplies trace to 5 divisions. I don’t know that he can get to it, but I would darn sure try if I were he. It would soak up time and effort to fix that mess….sheesh.

First losses so far as of Turn 1:


In the Axis turn 2, we had some ground to make up but first we had to adjust our plan to cross at the Sedan. It was reinforced, GD was surrounded, and while we could force our way into success we needed a faster route across the Meuse. Our current plan was intended to be something like this in the Ardenne and that is to cross at the Sedan and look for a place near Couvin as well.

The problem was that getting supply where it is needed is a challenge; Sedan is a few miles too far. That and having to drop fresh supplies back near the map edge meant another turn of shuffling SP.

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TBL-PBEM Allies T1

Situation for Allies Turn 1:


They do a good job getting back into supply.


Minor moves and a lot of units (assuming Armor) placed into Reserve.

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The Blitzkrieg Legend – PBEM


Game play start: October 2nd, 2013.

Phew playing large games on VASSAL is a major beat down! The Blitzkrieg Legend was probably not a GOOD idea! Due to # of units. Given I had 2 previous plays, I knew what I was doing, but to ensure correct play is a bugger. You cant just slide the unit back in place. Its messy….well I was was messy, I’m so reluctant to play by email, due to my scattered approach to the board. Fortunately Bill was gracious with my errors and 90% came out in the wash. The good news is it is forcing some more structured play from me!

The initial setup around the Ardennes area:

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Looking for a great Learning Scenario for OCS?

Looking for a great Learning Scenario for OCS?
Look no further!
Scenario 6.5 The Sedan Breakout, provides some nice exploration of movement, Overrun, Reserves and Air usage. Set in the Historical start situation where the Germans have just breached the Meuse River.
TBL_small sceanrio



just 3 turns long, this is full of replay value!6.5_TBL