OST – shattered Turn 7…[reverse order turn counter]

A continuation of  our VASSAL based online play:

The battle for the center of the map heats up. The KV1 is proving to be invincible. So to are T-34s, so dont hold onto allusions of historical accuracy here. Just revel in the fun. We started at Turn 14, it is now T6. The Germans are likely going to lose this scenario as they have nothing tht can stop the T-34s. Either a heavy AT gun or better tanks are required…or a revision of the movement rate/stats of the 1941 T-34.

We are having a blast working out the kinks in the system and exploring different strategies as they evolve with Opportunity Fire,  Tank Duels and Melee.

Good cracking fun.



First Clash – Turns 4-5 [MBT]

The training and luck of the US forces holds and they snap into action, Mosley and his men fire in rapid succession.

The Tanker #2 shoots penetrates but does no damage! Then Mosley sights in!

[Map 2:T4 – I4 the tank has Armour rating of 85 on Hull Front Range 10, = Short range, net +1 rows. Needs a 77 to hit: 54%/7/1&6/4 – Hit, Hull Front, -12 Penetration pts , Damage is KO. Penetration 119 -12 > 85 the shot penetrates]

Two T-80’s fire at Mosely’s tank [M1A1]:

In an awfully symmetrical moment Mosley see the flash of both barrels at the same moment he feels the rounds hit from the turret control. The two APFSDS rounds slam into his vehicle.

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First Clash, continues [Turn 3, MBT]

Company Net: ALERT, RED , Echo-2 & Bridge Center.

The T-80 was faster. [Soviet initiative using Staggered optional initiative rules]

She fired while the T-64’s behind her popped smoke, her shots rocketed up the hill at the M1’s on the crest of Hill 7.21. The rising shot slams into the third tank in Mosleys platoon, just 25 meters away. The shot smashes white hot into the side of the hull. Separating the turret from the hull completely in a sickening explosion. Mosely scrunches his eyes closed as Land, Curtis and King’s body’s spin like rag dolls 20 feet into the air. Moments later the hull catches fire. Thick black oily smoke roils the pine scented air. Pulling the  hatch shut,

Mosley sinks into his command seat.

[Penetration P:97 , no laser sights, due to smoke discharger. -3 on the To Hit rows. TH % 49.

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Shattered OST Turns 14 thru 7

OST and Panzer have something in common! They both have deadly scenarios situated in and around Brody in the Western reaches of Russia. SEt in the Summer of 41, this scenario pits T-34s, and a KV1 against IV H’s and IIIF’s. Both sides have infantry, and a lot to do  in order to meet their objectives.


We had a miss communication turn 1, one of us used the boundaries for the scenario the other used map edge. Plus we moved twice in our eagerness. We adjusted for that and played on.

The first turn – Turn 14 ended up like so:

End turn 14

end turn14-13_shattered

End Turn 13

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