Pacific War Battle Cycle, Sept ’42, Operation Days 4 through 12


The USN forces had been in disarray if the truth be told prior to WWII breaking out. Their ability to project force effectively hampered by poor decisions made a decade ago in accords and concessions to Japan. The US and its allies had also ceded vast swathes of empty ocean and inconsequential German possessions as a part of the wrapping up of the War to End all Wars.

Now as the first few days of September ’42 rolled along with the chop and sway of the vast currents, commanders assessed their options. The IJN had intercepted their surprise attack on Guadalcanal and given the USN a bloody nose. Yet the order remained. Take the Island, keep the supply chain open to Australia and give us a victory to raise morale at home.

Whats gone before:

Part 2:

Part 1 , the bit prior to the first bit

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Pacific War: G’canal Scenario, 1942 August- Days 3-6.

1942 August Days 4-6.

The lighten strike of the hastily convened and executed counter stroke to the IJN inexorable march across millions of square miles of the Pacific Ocean was in jeopardy from the moment that the strategic intel rolls went for the IJN Forces ( see my smiley face comment in this post) where we rolled up Intercept and then level 1!

The US had sent its taskforce with Raiders and Marines who were barely ship shape, supported by mediocre pilots and a Navy that really did not understand land operations at all. What could possible go wrong?

In the last report we saw both sides push forces to the small Island of Guadacanal. Where the fate of this scenario lies. The owner/controller of the Isle at the end of the scenario wins.


It is now time for the Battle Cycle resolution.

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White Beach One, Peleliu

2015-12-01 19.58.06

3 waves of Marines.

Must capture 5 bunkers.

In 7 turns.

Facing 6 IJA squads, and 3 Weapons Teams.

The USMC are supported by 2 tanks and 105mm Arty every turn.

Landing craft are removed for each wave except the third wave.

Piece of cake for Pete. I play IJA and defender this time.


2015-12-01 17.48.08

A single map scenario.

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Battle of Bukari x 2

LNLP Heroes of the Pacific continued from Thanks giving:

2015-11-24 18.59.16

As you may recall we played 3 games over 3.5 hours.

This scenario we played twice. Mainly since my opening was so bad that we reset after two turns.

This is a bug hunt. It basically involved chasing units around the board. Of all the LNL scenarios we played, I think we liked this least. Thus my comments will be brief.
2015-11-24 19.11.31

The ability to pop spider holes was a major hindrance! but a nifty and deadly mechanic:

2015-11-24 19.14.32

The US has a hard limit of acceptable casualties. This limits options.  Fanning out both sides of the creek did not help.

Nor did US die rolling. I think the cool thing about this scenario is the variability of it. But Pete and I agreed it needs some work as the US seems woefully under powered even with better play on session 2 versus session 1.


2015-11-24 19.39.35

2015-11-24 19.57.36

Turn 5 and 3 losses the US could only afford one more!

The Japs attack and its an easy IJA win, as you can see bottom right side of the picture below. Perhaps this is one of those puzzle scenarios, where it requires some extra thought and several plays.


2015-11-24 20.05.17

Pearl Harbour

2015-12-05 21.14.48 2015-12-05 21.15.02

2015-12-05 21.15.31
Graphic showing force compositions of Navies
2015-12-05 21.15.48
Interesting Editorial on the Japanese plan of attack
2015-12-05 21.16.03
The Approach
2015-12-05 21.16.32
Enemy Aircraft
2015-12-05 21.16.51
Flight Paths

2015-12-05 21.16.21

All images from History of the World Part 25 & Atlas of Second World War

3 games of Heroes of the Pacific in 3.5 hours..

played last week, Thanksgiving 2015

Game 1

Welcome to the Jungle

In this scenario the Japanese are tasked with crossing the clearing at night from the ‘light jungle’ (ocean hexes) and exiting thru the 2nd map to Henderson Field.

2015-11-24 17.21.43

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Pacific Campaigns Guam

2015-10-04 23.47.47

A Japanese Battalion under dug in fortifications near the Northern Beaches Red 1 & 2.

21st of July to 10th of August 1944.

Guam is situated in the Mariana Islands. 59,400 US troops – Marines and Army invaded to secure airfields that allow for the bombing of Japan by B-29s.  The Imperial Japanese Armies 29th Infantry Division (two regiments) and other Brigades attempt to hold as long as possible.

Some video and prep coming notes coming regarding strategy as we go.

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