NATO Division Commander -Scn play in London part 2


For the next scenario we played we tried the Soviets on defense. This would be no cake walk. After the last match I had some scores to settle!

You can read part one here

2015-11-09 18.56.05

The Third Division ready to race to the rear of the Soviets. Massive Air and Arty support is allocated!

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NATO Div. Commander in London

2015-11-09 11.00.41

Two very intense sessions of NATO Div. Commander yesterday.

2015-11-09 12.03.11
Scen 33 Audacious Assault. I re rolled this setup as it seemed a bit un fair to have the Soviets so tightly packed on the US. We ended up with a C8 and  F8 and H8.

We had breaks for work calls and such but in essence we went Noon to Midnight for two scenarios.
NDC has a long lead time for setup, but the game play is pretty quick once you get into a rhythm. It took a bit of digging to get Operational Intel correct and ‘rationalize’ the process down to something meaningful. Many sections of the rules are clear, but the OpInt stuff is not.
I also found that killing HQ’s is really hard, possibly too hard.

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NDC Turn 6 …wow.

A very interesting turn of events.


Reports are coming in of heavy fighting and  combat along two axes. 1/39/2/8 is attempting to hold the highway south of Route 49.

The 25th Brigade of the 7th Guards tank attacks them in the forest. Light Rain and Chemical weapons  wreck havoc despite heavy air and arty support. 1/39 in disarray retreats.

The Soviets over run the position. There is no follow up attack however. 2014-05-09 18.13.58 Further North on Route 49. After heavy combat the situation has stabliized. Combat forces are MOPS equipped as a result of quick reporting from Brigade command!

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OMG… FFS. Play by Poll Update




Bloody votes are tied after all this time.

I’m tossing a 1d6 EVEN= Plan A.



May god have mercy on your soul Maj. General Zeller!



The video result coming.



TIME 1600 H+4 From V Corps Command To: DIVMAIN

CC: DIVTAC Tactical Report DIVMAIN 8th Division:

The soviet pressure in your sector has eased. Scouting reports from 2/8 and 1/8 suggest that your interdiction efforts and defensive counter attacks have blunted the fighting force of the Soviets. This may well press them to extreme measures. Scouts from 2/87 and 1/39, report heightened activity in their sectors. This suggests that the Soviets are preparing for hasty/deliberate attacks along these axes.

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NDC: US Tac Plan Turn 4

US Tactical Plan for Turn 4.

Off the back of another strong US turn the Soviets moved haltingly forward in 2nd part of DAY 4. It appears that they have paused to re group formations.

CORPS command reports heavy radio traffic.   If the Soviets are to reach Frankfurt they must move through Geissen.

CORPS command believes Chem Strikes or worse may be on the table.

INTEL:In order to be certain that the approaches are covered the US would need to spend 8 signal/air on INTEL on sectors this turn.   In essence the sectors F3-F4 down to J3-J4 would require searching. Other Sectors have enemy units in them that have not moved [ DIVMAIN for 27th Mot.]

In the North despite 1/13/28 having the river in between them and the enemy they are stuck in the eZOC until relieved. The good news is this holds their recon unit in place.   The remnants of 8/8 can cycle back along the North to COPPEL, this would provide potential INTEL, at the cost of engagement.

Move choices: Rest 2/68 in Sector G1. Given these guys are really at Fatigue Level 2 (big -ve shifts in combat) and will face heavy combat penalties if engaged next turn they really need to rest.

Move all main HQ’s in SECTOR H2 [DIVMAIN & TAC] 1 hex to pop off the Intel scope of the Soviets at the cost of ½ your CSPs?

Picture 1 1/8 forces

The risk is lose 1 or 2 CSP for the turn (is the loss permanent I need to check that) or lose access to half of Each HQ for the turn.

I’m guessing not but thought you might like the choice.

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