Caesar in Gaul [Pre P500]

Well, finally a side benefit for all this blogging!

While at Game On ! in Seattle recently Mark Simonitch who I had met there a few years back, dropped by to see our game and quietly mentioned that he had new game being developed AND was play testing it at the con!

“May I see?” I asked!

“Sure.” He said!

SWEEEEEET. I had been so pre occupied with our monster Third World War effort that not much else was registering. But when you have a chance to check out what the most popular designer from GMT is doing you pull your head out of your back side!

Now many of you likely know all about this already, but I was unaware of this new effort to take the Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage [H:RvC] system and apply it to Caesars efforts in Gaul, which ultimately led to Caesar taking over the mantle of leader of Rome post Rubicon crossing. A fantastic topic that we explored here a little in the Pompey v Caesar GBoH series of battles.

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Carthage Tutoring & Game Play

Yes folks the lure was too strong.

Tony Kinner is a Ancients teacher and big Ancients wargame fan. He wants the big picture!!

Say no more.  I of course was late to Vassal, had a cold and had forgotten more than I knew. The good news is Tony was prepared!

We put him running the Carthaginians to avoid the Political headaches and frustrations for our first play.

He boldly struck out with Hiero to attempt to siege Massena and then Hanno moved in from Lilybaeum.

Hiero of Syracuse ever the stalwart fan of Carthage immediately places the miscreant Mammertine rebels under a siege.

He then scores a Siege Attrition! But the forces survive inside and Hiero loses just 1  step.

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Red Winter Turn 3- 4 1st Night!

Continuing from Turn 1  we are revising this post with some strategy details on how the Soviets attempt to out fox the Finns.

See extra comments in italics. 

By quickly lunging across the ice the Soviets obtain a 4 hex attack spread and can simultaneously attack the Gravel Pits. This move which exposes the ice bound Soviets has a special purpose – namely it prevents reinforcement of the Hotel. It becomes very risky to try and squeeze more troops in, or rotate out wounded.

Compare this to the prior Red Winter game where the Finns kept feeding fresh men into the Gravel Pit grinder and you can see the difference!


After a turn of positioning and consolidation the Soviet forces push on the Hotel and Gravel Pits. Arty makes itself felt.

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Red Winter Campaign, Turns 1-2

EDIT: Note and a major update. Now that we have finished this game I want to share some thoughts that occured going into the game and the outcomes from it over a series of posts that cover our campaign play. So coming back to this opening set of moves please see comments in italics as an update and focus on strategy in the game play.

After having so much fun with the smaller scenario we turned right around, swapped sides and went for the campaign!
Because… THAT IS HOW IT IS DONE people.

Knowing Steve a little allows me to make broad guesses about his strategy and likely approach to a given set of choices. When presented with the unexpected he will often revert to defensive play until he identifies where the real threat is. 

The Soviets have simple victory conditions – kill more Finns, take VP locations [The Hotel, bridges, village and if massively successful capture the Finnish Supply Source on the West edge of the map for an Auto Victory.] Those of you who have played and / or know the history understand the asymmetrical nature of the conflict and the harsh conditions it was fought it. The Soviet player must achieve a lot to win big, given his numerical and firepower advantages.

To that end we could say that there are two Points of Gravity or Weakness for the Finns. 1st the  Supply source, without it the Finns are degraded and bad things happen i.e. they lose. The second is more subtle. Morale, if the Finns are battered enough the game can be ostensibly considered over [a personal morale check fail when faced with a VP count that is unrecoverable]. The Soviet forces while large are not inexhaustible and are not sufficient to really pound the Finns without a cost [ i.e. bringing tanks in costs VP’s.]

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Red Winter on Vassal Turn 11-12 , 5/5

Home Stretch! The Soviets are on a roll.  With the Island and Hotel secure the impetus is upon the Finns to regain some point or kill something.

By placing the Soviets out of Supply this creates problems as previously mention but also costs VP’s.

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Red Winter on Vassal Turn 7-10 4/5

Our Red Winter Scenario continues. Turn 7 sees the Soviets envelop the Hotel! By bringing an Armoured car in this will change the punching power significantly for the Soviets! Arty and this is a winning combo. So far the Finns had held off all assaults!


The Soviet die rolling could have been better!

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Red Winter Tactics

Thought  you guys might find this of interest.

Cross-posted from Consimworld. Link to page with original posts: Rod Coffey wrote:

“Question on 2nd Day Scenario Mark et al Like many other folks Red Winter is a new favorite of mine.


I purchased it solely from the demo at last year’s WBC, (so designers and publishers keep doing that!) Other commitments prevented me from playing at WBC but a gaming buddy and I have now knocked out 2 games of “The Second Day” scenario.

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