Red Winter Turn 6 thru 7


This is the third post in a series of 5…ok maybe 6, that covers off on aspects of strategy and maneuver warfare. Post #1  and #2 here .  this game exposed opportunities to try some different ideas and approaches. Note the prior few posts had italics font for strategy notes inserted. this does not.

In turns 5 & 6 the Soviets attack in the North and chip away at the Finns who counter attack and also move Pajari North to assist. This is a a good thing for the Soviets. Who immediately drop their action in the North and encircle the forces holding the bridge.



The Soviets force the enemy off the bridge AND continue the press from the North with new reinforcements that have now arrived.

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Red Winter Turn 3- 4 1st Night!

Continuing from Turn 1  we are revising this post with some strategy details on how the Soviets attempt to out fox the Finns.

See extra comments in italics. 

By quickly lunging across the ice the Soviets obtain a 4 hex attack spread and can simultaneously attack the Gravel Pits. This move which exposes the ice bound Soviets has a special purpose – namely it prevents reinforcement of the Hotel. It becomes very risky to try and squeeze more troops in, or rotate out wounded.

Compare this to the prior Red Winter game where the Finns kept feeding fresh men into the Gravel Pit grinder and you can see the difference!


After a turn of positioning and consolidation the Soviet forces push on the Hotel and Gravel Pits. Arty makes itself felt.

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Battle for Normandy Operation Totalize

Please free free to grab this file, check my work and let me know if it is close to accurate [ you need the scenario book !!:)]. I am unclear on exact config of the map. But will check it against the expansion map physically shortly.  This Vassal file is for the opening of Operation Totalize scenario 13.0.



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Red Winter – The First Day Scn [Vassal Play] 1/5

Recently I had the opportunity to revisit Red Winter.

I must say I am continually impressed with how intuitive the game play is yet so historically influenced and thematically accurate. Superb game. In this small scenario the Soviets are played by my Aussie mate Steve.t2_move-sov

Poor placement and good attacks by him secure Kotisaari and the Bridge pretty quick.

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Sicily II Play Video [01]

For those of you who dont follow on twitter, google+, Facebook or pony express these posts are for you. I will be posting all of the live play videos on the blog. So if you think you are seeing or hearing double for the rest of you readers, please just pop a smart arse comment or a like and move on with your sunny day! Whoop!
OK for the rest of the ones who want it here it is Sicily II play thru beginning to end in 10 or 11 parts. I still need to do a wrap up of my thoughts on both versions.


AND bonus part [2]