Hannibal and the Alps

Have you ever wondered where Hannibal crossed the alps?

Old History books are full myths and fallacies.

Sometimes its cool to just grab some reference materials and…well since I cant walk the path myself, I can do the next best thing! Google Maps. Lets take a walk thru the Alps.

Source: https://productforums.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/gec-history-illustrated-moderated/lX1Un3fWZJQ;context-place=forum/gec-history-illustrated-moderated
Several of the most likely routes of Hannibals journey
Lets take a look at this grade and imagine it in winter…with cape and sandals.
Yep..total bummer.

What an amazing feat. There are few games that portray this journey, less so that really cover off on the Punic War at  Strategic/Operational level with some sort of detail.

GMT Games offers some hope for us with their Richard Berg title named Thunderbolt.

A New General: 2nd Punic War Agathocles Tower AAR 1.24

I’m back with the next installment. This time recruiting a new up and coming general.
My Son.

Check out the before I played and after I won pics!  His first H&C game play.

It was another cool morning. Scipio pulled his cloak tighter and smiled. He was content to feel the cold breeze. Soon he would be hot. Hot from the rush of blood thru his veins and the straining of tearing the hearts out of more of Hannibals Punic army.
The Forces:


Fought in a hilly ravine, this ambush plays fast!
Low Rout Point count Carthage loses at 35.

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2nd Punic War Iiipa 206 B.C. Scipio finds his groove. AAR 1.23

Lets pick up the action from after Turn 1.

Turn one as many of you saw in the viewers choice strategy video worked out ok. The surprise being how rapidly the Romans advanced on the Carthage Right. EEEEK. Lets carry on from there?


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2nd Punic War The Battle of Metaurus, 206 B.C. AAR 1.22 Neros Glory


Fought in tough terrain, Metaurus will test both side tactical capabilities.

Hasdrubal was on the run from Spain. He now is attempting to reunite with Hannibal.

Nero wise to the movements of Carthages generals, races his army north to support Livius.

Holed up at the River Metaurus, Hasdrubal has unreliable troops on this left wing. The Gauls have drunk their fear away but are not sure they really want to fight with a hang over.

Ahistorically Nero floats across the front of Livius’s army whilst Livius’s Velites screen the Heavy Infantry on the hill.

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2nd Punic War The Battle of Baecula, 208 B.C. AAR 1.21 or Scipios Revenge?

This is a short AAR! For those of you who have played this battle you know the story.
Scipio, is promoted at 27 years of age to Proconsul, sent to Spain to ostensibly help win the 2nd Punic War. In reality he has a personal mission.
His Father and Uncle lie rotting in Spain. Scipio wants revenge….

Carthage’s allies show signs of leaving the fold, 3 Punic armies vie for political gain. Scipio seizes the moment and finds Hasdrubal in a secure hilltop camp.

Abandoning traditional tactics historically Scipio flanked and attacked the camp. Hasdrubal thought the better part of valour was to live to fight another day. His crack troops and Cavalry leave the field non plussed at Scipios tactics.

A win for both?

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The Battle of Tingis 212 B.C.

There is one thing certain in history. It will repeat itself. However this is not always the case with replay and what if’ ing of Ancient Historical Battles.

So there we were, fresh from the fight at Siga, after crushing rather handily the Carthage army. Statorius had barely a knick on his helmet. His newly trained and disciplined Legions crushed the over confident cavalry dependent Carthage army.

Only to find ourselves in a pickle at Tingis. If I change their historical setup then, the Carthage army would naturally have been stronger too…. where do you go with that and how does that impact other future battles in the series for the 2nd Punic War?

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Battle of Siga212 B.C. Siga; Scipios sycophant, Syphax surprises Hasdrubal!

Siga; Scipios sycophant, Syphax surprises Hasdrubal! 

The Battle of Siga 212 B.C.

One of the last battles of the Syhpax led rebellion against Carthage.

The AAR is going to be short as the vid brings it to life better than words can. There are some cool new units, new leaders and generally speaking this is a good looking battle. [see video by searching for Siga!]

New Hasdrubal counter

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